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We often get asked if we buy old signs..Yes of course we do... BUT..we have to see pictures of what you have because the condition issue makes a world of difference in price. This is an example of the value placed on condition: 1939 Coca-Cola green version thermometers. One on the left has many chips around outside edges and some on face ..VALUE:$200-$250...The identical thermometer on the right  has two tiny edge chips and ..VALUE is:$2200.00

Yes We Can Ship Large Signs

These images reflect the great care we put into crating large signs for shipment. This was a Rexall Drugs sign that measured 8' X 3' and took several man hours to crate securely and arrived safely.


5683 BANK ST, HWY 31.




Sun Crest Tin Litho Thermometer

SUN CREST TIN LITHO THERMOMETER C. 1950'S. Measures 16 1/2" in length X 4" in width. Made in U.S.A. by Robertson. Missing glass tube. Wear and minor rust spots.
PRICE:$350.00  (KAEN)

Bell Canada Celluloid Perpetual Calendar

Measures 17 1/4" in length X 11 1/2" in width. Calendar is celluloid with tin and cardboard backing.Date cards are cardboard. We have seen and owned several porcelain enamel Bell calendars but have never seen this version before. Very scarce.
PRICE:$395.00  KAON)

IGA Super Market Porcelain Advertising Sign

IGA SUPER MARKET 5 PIECE PORCELAIN SIGN. Fabulous sign is  marked I-R 50.Five pieces all connect together and the edges are beveled on the SUPER MARKET sections. Total length is 18 ft. The center IGA part measures 44 1/2" in length X 30" in height. Condition is great. Bright, shiny "wet" looking porcelain. Colors are cream, cobalt blue and red. There are a few quarter size chips most being on the outside edges. Beautiful sign in great condition. Each section is 1 3/4" thick.
PRICE:$2800.00  (KAEH)

El Wadora  Cigar Embossed Tin Advertising Sign

EL WADORA 5 CENT GUARANTEED QUALITY CIGAR EMBOSSED TIN SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 19 1/4" in length X 13" in height. Excellent condition with minor nicks from handling. Remains shiny and bright.
PRICE:$395.00  (KUHX)

Yardley Lavender Advertising Plaster Statue

YARDLEY LAVENDER PLASTER STORE ADVERTISING BACK BAR STATUE. Measures 11 3/4" in height X 7" in width X 4" in depth. Excellent condition with just a couple very minor chips. Made in France. 100% original paint.
PRICE:$125.00  (KUEX)

RC Cola Large Tin Advertising Thermometer

RC COLA LARGE TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Made in Canada by BARKER in 1963. Measures 27" inlength X 8 1/4" in width. Great image of both RC logo and full bottle. Minor nicks and scratches. Tin litho sign is fairly scarce as we have not owned another one in a very long time. Displays well.
PRICE:$450.00  (KBH)

Wonder Bread Tin Embossed Advertising Sign

WONDER BREAD TIN EMBOSSED BREAD SIGN . Advertising sign shows a large loaf of Wonder bread. Measures 30" in length X 18 1/4" in width. "WONDER ENRICHED BREAD...HELPS BUILD STRONG BODIES 8 WAYS" Made in U.S.A by A.A.W (American Art Works) Fabulous colorful kitchen sign.
PRICE:$495.00  (KUH)

Diet Pepsi Tin Embossed Advertising Chalkboard

DIET PEPSI TIN EMBOSSED CHALKBOARD.Measures 27 1/4" in length X 19 1/4" in width. "DIET PEPSI" is embossed. Marked Printed in Canada-Barker-67. We never see much Diet Pepsi advertising. Chalkboard has minor creases on edges and light overall wear. "BUVEZ DIET PEPSI" Fairly scarce piece.
PRICE:$195.00  (KAUX)

Nesbitt's Tin Advertising Sign

NESBITT'S OF CALIFORNIA TIN DIE CUT ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1960's.Made by Press Sign Co. St. Louis 902. "NESBITT'S"  is embossed and the sign is shaped like an oversized bottle cap. Very, very minor wear.
PRICE:$475.00     (KBEN)

DEVILBISS Systems Porcelain Advertising Sign

DEVILBISS SYSTEMS (CANADA) LIMITED BARRIE, ONTARIO PORCELAIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 11" in length X 5" in width. Sign has a beveled edge all way around. Tiny flake on bottom right hole and a larger one on the bottom left hole. Porcelain glossy bright.
PRICE:$375.00  (KUH)

Early Porcelain Insurance Sign St. Lawrence Underwriters

AGENCY OF THE ST.LAWRENCE UNDERWRITERS, FIRE & AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. HEAD OFFICE TORONTO. Early porcelain sign circa 1920.Sign made by Marsh Bros. Toronto. Measures 14" in length X 10" in width. Sign has wear primarily around outside edges, in the word "LAWRENCE" and is slightly faded. When wet the dark cobalt blue is beautiful. Great early Toronto sign.
PRICE:$295.00    (KARN)

No Smoking Porcelain Advertising Sign

NO SMOKING PORCELAIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 10" in length X 4" in width. Circa 1950's. Very minor chip on bottom edge. Not serious. Black letters on white.
PRICE:$75.00  (KEN)

Montreal Life Insurance Brass Advertising Sign

MONTREAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY BRASS SIGN. Measures 18 1/2" in length X 11 1/2" in width. Circa 1930's sign features beaver and maple leaf graphics. Sign is etched and black paint is original and in excellent condition.
PRICE:$350.00  (KUHX)

Porcelain Curved Barber Pole 1950's

1950's WILLIAM MARVY PORCELAIN ENAMEL CURVED BARBER POLE. "LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER" . Measures 24" in length X 8 1/2" in width. Glossy, shiny pole is in near mint condition with just one small chip on bottom edge. These poles were designed to wrap around a turned porch pole or telephone pole.
PRICE:$750.00  (KREN)

Columbia Grafonola Tin Advertising Sign

COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. C 1920's. "Don't get up-it stops itself" The non-set automatic stop is only one of the many exclusive features of this modern phonograph. Merchant selling these machines was Spencer Matheson Dealer In Pianos, Organs-Graphophones Waterloo Que. Sign was made by L.D. Welke-Signs New York. Sign is in near mint-mint condition and obviously was never used. Fabulous graphics of man in his favorite chair with his wife by his side and a Columbia machine. Shiny bright like new condition. Guaranteed old and original.
PRICE:$1400.00 (KOENX) 

Royal Insurance Company Porcelain Enamel Advertising Sign

ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED PORCELAIN ENAMEL SIGN. C 1930's. FIRE & LIFE. Measures 19 1/2" in length X 15" in width. Sign made by Gurney Canada a sign company that we don't see very often. A few small outside edge chips is the only real damage. Nice crown & shield graphics.
PRICE:350.00  (KUHX)

Davidson's Premier Leader Range Tip Tray

DAVIDSON'S PREMIER LEADER RANGE STOVE TIP OR  PIN TRAY. Mint unused condition. Measures 5 1/4" in diameter. Back of tray lists several different products made by The Thos. Davidson MFG. Co. of Montreal. Beautiful lithography.
PRICE:$295.00  (KUHX)

J.M. Fortier Ltd. Tin Embossed Cigarette Sign

J.M. FORTIER LTD. MONTREAL CANADA CIRCA 1900 TIN EMBOSSED SIGN SHOWING 11 DIFFERENT PACKAGES OF CIGARETTES THE COMPANY OFFERED. Tax stamps on packages are dated 1897. Brands displayed are ROYAL EGYPTIAN OVAL CIGARETTES, EGYPTIAN NOVEL CIGARETTES,DUBEC EGYPTIAN CIGARETTES, ROYAL EGYPTIAN OVAL GRAND FORMAT CIGARETTES, TRILBY CIGARETTES,PREMIER CIGARETTES, CREME DE LA CREME CIGARETTES,CHAMBERLAIN VIRGINIA CIGARETTES,UNION JACK CIGARETTES,CHAMBERLAIN STRAIGHT CUT CIGARETTES AND DIDO CIGARETTES. Sign measures 17 1/4" in length X 11 1/2" in width. White paint on back is not original.Heavily embossed with nice early packages, some we have never seen before.Some scratches and dings. Sign made by the Thomas Davidson Mfg. Co. Limited Metal Signs. Is also a cigarette card premium sign for collecting Members of Parliament of Canada. Great sign.
PRICE:$695.00  (KRHX)

Railway Express Agency Porcelain Sign

RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY PORCELAIN SIGN. Measures 24" square. Has two small holes drilled in center of sign that we don't believe to be original. Porcelain has a couple of chips to top right of "X". Porcelain is shiny and bright.
PRICE:$375.00  (KEEX)

Parker Duofold Pens Advertising Clock

PARKER DUOFOLD PENS ADVERTISING CLOCK CIRCA 1920'S. Marked "CORRECT TIME TO BUY A PARKER DUOFOLD". This clock was recently purchased from a store on King Street in Sherbrooke Quebec where it hung behind the counter since the 1920's. The second hand is tin and is die cut in the shape of a Parker Duofold pen. The nib of the pen shaped hand says "PARKER DUOFOLD PEN". The clip of the pen says "PARKER" and the body of the pen says "GEO.S.PARKER DUOFOLD PATENTED MADE IN U.S.A.. The clock was made by Lakeside Manufacturing Co. Chicago. ILL. U.AS.A. The clock is 100% original and in working condition. The outside is a cream color and appears to be original. Fabulous advertising clock. Check out the website videos to see clock in working condition..
PRICE:$1800.00  (KATX)

American Airlines Advertising Sign

AMERICAN AIRLINES ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 14" in diameter. Plastic & masonite with 4 small factory holes indicating that it possibly is off a rack of some sort. Airplane looks like a DC-3. Sign is somewhat faded so it may have been used outdoors. Neat piece. Has age cracking and minor chipping.
PRICE:$325.00  (KAUE)

Granby Gum Tin Palm Press

GRANBY GUM TIN PALM PRESS. Circa 1950's. Measures 13 1/2" in length X 3 1/2" in width. From World Wide Gum Co. Limited Granby, Quebec. Depicts a pack of GRAND-B Peppermint candy coated gum in three different flavors..Spearmint, Wild Cherry and Peppermint chewing gum packs. Sign is in excellent condition with very minor wear and a couple of very minor creases. Overall great condition.
PRICE:$250.00  (KAEN)

Van Camp's Pork and Beans Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirror

VAN CAMP'S PORK AND BEANS CELLULOID POCKET ADVERTISING MIRROR. Circa 1910. Great image of Van Camp's Dutch kids with an over sized can of Pork & Beans. Measures 2 1/8" in diameter. Mirror is perfect. These pocket mirrors were given away back in the day to remind people about their products..great little advertising item.
PRICE:$150.00  (KEN)

Royal Ice Cream Tin Advertising Sign

ROYAL ICE CREAM TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 36" in length X 24" in width. Sign is in great condition with very minor scuffs or signs of wear. Circa 1950's.
PRICE:$275.00 (KAYN)

Mont Royal Assurance Porcelain Advertising Sign

AGENT MONT ROYAL ASSURANCE PORCELAIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1920. "FEU" is french for "FIRE" ... Measures 17 3/4" in length X 12" in width. Red, white and blue colored porcelain. Minor chips to porcelain top left and bottom right corners. Thick layered porcelain has some surface scratching. Sign made by W.WOODBURN & SON MONTREAL.
PRICE:$225.00  (KAUX)

Huntley & Palmers Biscuits Celluloid over Tin Sign

HUNTLEY & PALMERS BISCUITS CELLULOID OVER TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1940's. Sign has a cardboard backing that was originally an easel back sign but the cardboard easel is gone. Measures 19" in length X 14 1/2" in width. There is a tiny nail hole at top center that should not be there. Celluloid us in excellent condition with only one 1/2" long tear. Not serious. Great graphics and color.
PRICE:$395.00  (KAEN)

Porcelain Insurance Sign The Continental Insurance Company

THE CONTINENTAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY PORCELAIN SIGN.  Sign made by Marsh Bros. Toronto. Circa 1930. Measures 18" in length X 12" in width. Chip on top left corner and small edge chips on right hand side. Nice glossy finish.
PRICE:$225.00 (KAUN)

Jewel Stoves and Furnaces Match Holder Scratcher

JEWEL STOVES AND FURNACES TIN MATCH HOLDER/SCRATCHER. Measures 5 1/2" in length X 4 1/4" in width. Sold by Burrow,Stewart & Milne Co. Ltd. Hamilton, Canada. Bill hook was made by T.J. Parsons Toronto, a company I have never seen previously on tin litho advertising. Very minor nicks and wear. Recently acquired from an old collection of over 40 years.. Circa 1910 match hold pictures a lady cooking on her Jewel stove.
PRICE:$395.00 (KUEN)

Eye-Gene for Your Eyes Porcelain Palm Press

EYE-GENE FOR YOUR EYES PORCELAIN PALM PRESS WITH IMAGE OF EYE. White on beautiful cobalt blue. Measures 5" in length X 4" in width. Mint condition. Nice layered porcelain. Circa 1920's. Recently acquired from an old collection of over 40 years.
PRICE:$495.00 (KUHX)

Woolsey Cawlux Marine Finish Tin Advertising Thermometer

WOOLSEY CAWLUX MARINE FINISH TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1950'S.  Measures 27" in length X 8" in width. Pictures cans of two different marine paint cans top and bottom. Marine advertising is not easy to find. Minor nicks and scratches. Cans of paint depict mermaid with ships wheel. Neat advertising item.
PRICE:$225.00 (KENX)

Star Weekly Porcelain Push Plate

STAR WEEKLY ON SALE HERE PORCELAIN PUSH PLATE. Advertising push plate measures 10 3/4" in length X 2 7/8" in width. Circa 1940's. Chip on bottom right corner. White spot to right of first "E" in weekly is a factory flaw. Nice shiny and bright sign.
PRICE:$325.00 (KAON)

Mug Old Fashioned Root Beer Advertising Thermometer

MUG OLD FASHIONED ROOT BEER BY BELFAST SINCE 1877 TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Made in U.S.A and dated C 1950 T.M Reg. Measures 27" in length X 8" in width. Nice graphics of a frosty mug of root beer. Minor nicks and scratches. Nothing serious.
PRICE:$325.00 (KAEN)

Trans Canada Airlines Image Over Niagara Falls

TRANS CANADA AIRLINES OVER NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO. Framed photograph of a D-C-3 flying over Niagara Falls. The DC-3 came out in the 1930's. Photo would have been used in a travel agency or possibly an airport. Framed image measures 43" in length X 32 1/2" in width. Image is 40" in length X 30" in width. Excellent condition with just minor bubbles in paper. Not serious. No glass in frame.
PRICE:$475.00 (KUHX)

Cast Iron U.S Customs Sign

U.S. CUSTOMS CAST IRON SIGN.Very early sign has American flag at top with 13 stars & 13 stripes.Reads "AVOID PENALTY REPORT TO CUSTOMS. VEHICULES ENTERING UNITED STATES MUST BE REPORTED" The "vehicules" probably referred to buggies at that time. Heavy casting is probably 90 - 100 lbs. Sign measures 36" in length X 28 1/2" in width. It is 1/2" thick with thick brackets on back for mounting on a post. Recently purchased in the Montreal, Quebec area. Fabulous early sign.


Anacin Large Die Cut Sign

ANACIN LARGE DIE CUT HEAVY CARDBOARD SIGN. Measures 43" in length X 33" in width. Circa 1940's. "RX LIKE A DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION ..ANACIN PROMPTLY RELIEVES PAIN DUE TO SIMPLE HEADACHES AND MINOR NEURALGIA" Surface rubs and scratches and minor edge wear. Great image of doctor. Fold out on back.

Mosco Corns and Callouses Cardboard Sign

MOSCO CORNS AND CALLOUSES CREAM DIE CUT HEAVY CARDBOARD SIGN. Measures 36" in length X 27 1/2" in width. "Corns and Callouses removed by MOSCO Just Rub On At Night" Special now on..your money refunded if not satisfied..Has easel back that folds out. Minor wear primarily on outside edges and along bottom. Circa 1940's - 50's..

Canadian Country Store Collectibles Book

CANADIAN COUNTRY STORE COLLECTIBLES 2ND EDITION. (1997) Great 196 page book that is full of pictures and a price quide of Canadian country store collectibles, tin, signs,display cabinets, dispensers and anything else found or used in a general store. There is very little written on Canadian country store items. Bill Hogan & Ed Locke authors.

Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe Showroom Display Sign

CHEVROLET IMPALA 1962 THICK CARDBOARD AUTOMOBILE SHOWROOM SIGN. Features 1962 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. Measures 32" in length X 18" in width. Has very minor water damage in top left corner. Litho in U.S.A.. Real nice sign from a Chevrolet dealership in Arnprior Ontario.Check out the gas and oil section to view more of these signs..

1905 Intercolonial Railway and Prince Edward Island Railway Calendar

ORIGINAL 1905 INTERCOLONIAL RAILWAY AND PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND RAILWAY OF CANADA ADVERTISING CALENDAR. Measures 19" in length X 13" in width. Only has a partial Dec. 05 pad. Calendar has edge tears and a small piece in bottom left hand corner missing. Made by Toronto lito Co. Moose image was used frequently by this company. We recently sold the 1903 I.C.R & P.E.I.R calendar in a different color. See it in our "Advertising Signs Sold " section.


RCA Victor Showroom Display

RCA VICTOR COTTON SHOWROOM BLANKET FROM AN RCA DEALERSHIP IN A SMALL VILLAGE NEAR THREE RIVERS, QUEBEC.Measures 8' in length X 14' in width. Has RCA logo alternating with Nipper & a phonograph.Cloth is frayed across the top, there are a few holes and minor stains. Overall very nice condition.


Ramsay's Paints Advertising Promo

RAMSAY'S PAINTS FOR HOUSE & HOME TIN LITHO DIECUT MAPLE LEAF ADVERTISING PROMO. Made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Toronto. Small chip in paint near the center top. Measures 3" X 2 3/4". Very nice overall condition. Circa 1910.


Ogden's Robin Cigarettes Porcelain Sign

OGDEN'S ROBIN CIGARETTES PORCELAIN SIGN. From the Imperial Tobacco Company of Britain & Ireland Limited. Measures 36" in length X 24" in width. This is a beautiful sign but it does have extensive restoration. The blue has repaired chips and is completely repainted. The package  of cigarettes has chip repairs & is approximately 20% touched up. Displays well.


1969 7-Up Sign

1969 CARDBOARD 7-UP CANADA SIGN. "L'incola". Measures 37" in length X 23 1/2 in width.Sign is almost mint with just a touch of edge wear. Strong, bright colors with no fading.


NuGrape Easel Back Sign



NuGrape Soda die cut cardboard advertising sign. Measures 16 1/2" in length X 14" in width. c.1950's. A small crease in her hair and on bottom corner. A light scratch in snowman's hat on right side. Nice colorful easel back sign


Perfume Celluloid Sign


MORNY PERFUMES- London celluloid & tin sign. Cardboard easel back. Floral fragrances pictured are pink lilacs, gardenia, french fern, june roses & lily of the valley. Excellent condition. c1960. Measures 10 3/4" in length X 8 3/4" in width.


1965 7-UP Cardboard

1965 CARDBOARD 7-UP CANADA SIGN. Measures 37' in length X 23 1/2" in width. "Plus de 7-Up Plus de joie!" One thumbtack hole in bottom edge. Strong colors with no fading.



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