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Pennzoil Oval Porcelain  Double Sided Lollipop Sign

PENNZOIL OVAL PORCELAIN  LOLLIPOP 2 SIDED SIGN.  SUPREME PENNSYLVANIA QUALITY SAFE LUBRICATION. Has original ring that is rusted. A coat of flat black paint will improve it tremendously, but we like to sell items as original  as possible.  Porcelain sign face measures 29 1/2" in width X 16 1/2" in length. We have it mounted on a modern base that is metal and looks great. Original base is missing. Stands 34" in height X 31 1/2" in width. with base. A couple of small chips on either side. Porcelain is shiny bright and sign looks amazing. Circa 1930's. Made in U.S.A. Beautiful lollipop  sign.

PRICE:$1800.00      (KIHX)

Irving Oil Chain Saw and Outboard Motor Oil

IRVING OIL CHAIN SAW AND OUTBOARD MOTOR OIL 1 IMPERIAL  QUART TIN.  From Irving Oil Co. Ltd. Circa 1960. Measures 8" in height X 4 1/2" in width with a 2 3/8" depth. Excellent overall condition. Nice Canadian tin.
PRICE:$225.00     (KAAN)

Oilzum Bar and Chain Oil Tin

OILZUM BAR AND CHAIN OIL TIN. Circa 1950's. One U.S quart tin. From the White & Bagley Co. Worcester, Mass. U.S.A. 01608. Tin measures 7 1/2" in height X 4 1/2" in width with a 2 1/2" depth.For the lubrication of chain saw bars and chains. Scratches scattered around the tin with twoon face of man. There is a water stain around bottom edge in the blue paint. Small dent on one of the sides.
PRICE:$125.00       (KUEX)

B/A Outboard Motor & Utility Oil Tin

B/A OUTBOARD MOTOR OIL & UTILITY MOTOR OIL 1 QUART TIN. From British American Oil Company Limited. Circa 1950's. Oil in this tin was recommended for small gasoline 2 cycle engines of many kinds. Tin is in very good to excellent condition with minor nicks and signs of wear. Measures 8" in height X 4 1/2" in width. and 2 3/8" in depth. Neat B/A Canadian tin.
PRICE:$95.00        (KUEX)

Castrol Motor Oil Chek-Chart

WAKEFIELD CASTROL MOTOR OIL 1948 CHEK-CHART. Chek-charts were made for service stations and garages to show lubrication requirements for automobiles, trucks and tractors up to 1948. This chart was made in Canada by CHEK-CHART Corporation Limited, Port Hope Ont. Chart covers vehicles such as Hudson,Packard, Oldsmobile, De Sota, Cadillac, Ford and several more. Measures 36 1/2" in length X 24" in width. with original metal strip hanger on top. Very minor edge wear, stains and creases. Displays very well.
PRICE:$175.00   (KYNX)

Enarco Black Beauty Axle Grease Tin

ENARCO BLACK BEAUTY AXLE GREASE SMALL SLIP LID TIN FROM NATIONAL REFINING CO. CLEVELAND, O. Tin measures just 2 1/2" in diameter X 3/4". Tin lid has minor fading and minor nicks and scratches. From the Enarco Petroleum Products Co. Great lttle item.
PRICE:$350.00   (KA)

Red Indian McColl Frontenac 1 Quart Oil Bottle

McCOLL- FRONTENAC RED INDIAN OIL CO. LIMITED 1 QUART GLASS BOTTLE WITH EMBOSSED INDIAN HEAD. Jar measures 9 1/4" in height without metal spout and 15 1/4" with spout. There is a tiny chip on top outside rim of glass. Otherwise normal wear, no cracks. Tin spout has been painted silver. Circa 1930's.

Enarco  Imperial Quart Glass Oil Bottle

ENARCO  IMPERIAL QUART GLASS OIL BOTTLE WITH METAL SPOUT. The oil of a million tests. Spout has been chromed and some of the chrome did not take to the metal but atleast the spout is there. Glass jar is in mint condition. There is an air bubble in the glass inside top lip. It looks like a chip but it is definitely not as it is surrounded by glass on all sides. Nice clean bottle.
PRICE:$350.00   (KUHX)

White Rose Heavy Duty Motor Oil Can

WHITE ROSE HEAVY DUTY MOTOR OIL 1 QT. CAN. Circa 1930's. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. From Canadian Oil Companies Limited. Scarce yellow and red variation. A fair size dent on one side.

Fisk Tires Steel Litho Advertising Sign

FISK TIRES STEEL LITHO SIGN. Measures 48" in length X 29 1/2" in width. Signed "A.M 3-65". Sign is heavily embossed and has a self framed border. Wonderful embossed image of the little boy with a candle stick holding a Fisk tire over his shoulder.  "WHEN IT'S TIME TO RE-TIRE BUY FISK" Sign has never been hung but there is a small section on the bottom under the "O" of LONGER where the paint has bubbled. Colors are strong , shiny and bright. FISK TIRES LAST LONGER.

Empire Automobile Association Tin Advertising Sign

EMPIRE AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION RECOMMENDED TIN SIGN. Measures 21" in length X 18" in width. Two sided painted sign has never been hung outside and is in mint unused condition. Neat transportation associated piece. Haven't owned this one before. Shows both Canadian and American flags.

AC Spark Plug Gaskets Display Box

AC SPARK PLUG GASKETS DISPLAY BOX. Circa 1930's. Designed to either sit on counter or hang on the wall. Measures 6 1/4" in height X 4 3/4" in width X 3 1/4" in depth. AC SPARK PLUG GASKETS ONE CENT EACH. It is in excellent condition. Neat garage item.
PRICE:$195.00     (KAHX)

Walker Mufflers Tin and Glass Advertising Thermometer

WALKER MUFFLERS TIN AND GLASS ROUND ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. C. 1960's-70's. Thermometer measures 12" in diameter and measures in Celsius. Made in U.S.A. Mint condition with original glass.
PRICE:$250.00        (KAUE)

Fina Porcelain Sign Petroleum Storage

FINA PORCELAIN SIGN FROM A FINA PETROLEUM STORAGE DEPOT. C. 1950's. Sign is porcelain enamel and measures 20" in length X 14" in width. The sign has one chip on top right corner at mounting hole. Otherwise is mint. Beautiful shine and colors.
PRICE:$350.00     (KUH)

The General Tires Painted Steel Advertising Sign

THE GENERAL TIRE PAINTED STEEL OVAL ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1940's. Measures 35 5/8 in length X 23 1/2" in width. Paint is in excellent condition with just minor nicks and scratches.
PRICE:$750.00  (KEHX)

Canadian Petrofina Porcelain Advertising Sign

CANADIAN PETROFINA LIMITED PORCELAIN SIGN. Large sign measures 118" (9' 10") in length X 30" in width X 1" thick. Sign is circa 1950's and made by P&M Orillia. Sign is shiny bright and in near mint condition with only a couple tiny edge chips in blue porcelain that are truly very, very minor. Beautiful sign in fabulous condition.
PRICE:$3500.00    (KUEHX)

Valvoline Motor Oil Steel Advertising Sign

VALVOLINE MOTOR OIL 2 SIDED STEEL SIGN. Measures 30" in diameter. Made in 1964 by S.T.M.S.
Sign has never been used and is near mint, but has picked up some minor scratches over the years. Painted steel. Beautiful condition. Bright and strong colors.

Car-Skin Vinyl-Coat for Hardtops Tin Container

CAR-SKIN VINYL-COAT FOR HARDTOPS TIN CONTAINER.Circa 1960's with original contents.
Measures 6" in height X 4" in width X 1 3/4" in depth. Tin is unusual in that it is bilingual on back suggesting that it was made to appeal to the Canadian market as well as the U.S. market. It also lists its contents in both U.S and imperial measure. Nice image of a car. Tin is in excellent condition with very minor nicks,signs of wear. Beautiful can. Car is possibly a 65 Chrysler. Tin is from Car-Skin Products Corporation Flemington, N.J. Made in U.S.A.

PRICE:$85.00   (KAN)

Hochelaga Motor Oil 5 Gallon Can

HOCHELAGA MOTOR OIL 5 GAL. CAN FROM HOCHELAGA PETROLEUM CO. MONTREAL QUEBEC.Can is in decent overall condition and displays fairly well. Does have areas of rust but only very minor dents. Great colors.
SOLD       (KCNX)

Imperial Esso Service Salt & Pepper Shakers With Original Box

PRICE:$50.00   (KUE)

Chevrolet Oldsmobile Large Dealership Sign

CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LARGE PORCELAIN DEALERSHIP ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 64" in height X 76" in width. Circa 1940's. Sign was made by Q.R.S Neon Signs. Four colors. Die-cut sign has damage in bottom center and through the word OLDSMOBILE. When wet colors are bright and strong.
PRICE:$2800.00    (KAAHX)

Willard Batteries Steel Advertising Sign

WILLARD BATTERIES STEEL SIGN. Measures 58" in height X 13" in width. Circa 1930's. Sign has been used,has signs of wear, a few nicks and scratches but will clean up nicely. These signs are getting harder to find all the time.
PRICE:$695.00        (KBENX)

Suntac Oil Tin Litho Oiler

SUNTAC OIL LARGE TIN LITHO OILER. A product of Sun Oil Company, Philadelphia & Toronto. Circa 1930's. Logo has "straight arrow" which are earlier than later logos on a 45 degree angle. Tin measures 4" in height ( 7 1/2" with spout) with a 3" diameter. Tin is in excellent overall condition.
PRICE:$350.00     (KUHX)

CCM Quarter Pint Paint Tin

CCM CYCLE ENAMEL BLACK 703 ONE IMPERIAL QUARTER PINT PAPER LABEL TIN WITH CONTENTS. Paper label is as good as you will find. Tin measures 2 1/4" in height  with a 2 3/4" diameter. Circa 1940's. From Canada Cycle & Motor Company Limited Weston Ont. Lid partially painted black indicating color paint inside.
PRICE:$125.00   (KAUX)

Atlas Wiper Blades Advertising Thermometer

ATLAS WIPER BLADES RECTANGULAR ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. C. 1950's. Measures 14" in length X 8" in width. Made in U.S.A. Glass in aluminum frame. Arrow showing temperature appears to be stuck 30 degrees. I don't think we have run across this style previously.
PRICE:$250.00  (KAUE)

AMOCO American Gas Porcelain Enamel Sign

AMOCO AMERICAN GAS COURTESY CARDS HONORED HERE PORCELAIN ENAMEL 2 SIDED ADVERTISING SIGN. C.1950's. Measures 24" in length X 15" in width. Minor chips on one side. reverse side has a few chips and some scratches.
PRICE:$395.00    (KAUE)

Goodyear Fan Belts Tin Advertising Sign

GOODYEAR FAN BELTS HOSE TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Made in U.S.A.. Measures 17 1/2" in length X 9 1/2" in width. Some minor dents and overall wear. Neat sign.

Castrol Motor Oil Steel Advertising Sign

CASTROL MOTOR OIL STEEL ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1950's. Measures 20 3/4" in length X 6" in width.
PRICE:$165.00    (KAH)

GM General Motors Products Anti-Freeze Tin

GM GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCTS 1 GAL. ANTI-FREEZE TIN. Measures 8" in height with a 7" diameter. Top is missing. Scattered rust spots and a few minor dents. From General Motors of Canada Limited Oshawa Ontario.
PRICE:$68.00    (KUN)

Texaco Home Lubricant Oil Tin

TEXACO HOME LUBRICANT OIL 4 FLUID OZ. OILER. Full never opened. C. 1960's from Texaco Canada Limited. Measures 6 1/2" to top of spout. X 2 1/8" in width.
PRICE:$45.00  (KAE)

Gas Boy Gas Pumps

GAS BOY GAS PUMPS. Used on farms & for fleet commercial vehicles.Have 4 in stock. Most have rust on skirts through the metal in some cases. Complete with hoses. Measures 44" in height. NO SHIPPING ON THESE.
PRICE:495.00 EA.  (KUEN)

BP British Petroleum Porcelain Advertising Sign

BP (BRITISH PETROLEUM) 5' SQUARE PORCELAIN SINGLE SIDED SIGN. Near mint  to mint condition with just the tiniest chips. Sign has bright strong colors and shine.
PRICE:$1495.00   (KREN)

Shell Gasoline Moulded Plastic Advertising Sign

SHELL GASOLINE MOULDED PLASTIC GASOLINE STATION ADVERTISING SIGN. Large sign measures 58" square  with a thickness of 4". This is one side of a two sided sign. I've seen these mounted on a wall with lights behind and they look terrific. Minor smudges but no cracks or breaks in plastic.

PRICE:$495.00 (KIEX)

Golden Eagle Gasoline Porcelain Pump Plate

GOLDEN EAGLE  GASOLINE PORCELAIN PUMP PLATE. Measures 13" square. Chip on bottom left corner and one tiny, tiny edge chip bottom center. Colors are strong and bright. Sign is circa 1950's.
PRICE:$450.00  (KBAE)

Esso MP Grease Tin

ESSO MP GREASE H 1 LB. TIN. Measures 4 1/4"tall with a 3 1/2" diameter. Can is in excellent overall condition with just very minor nicks.
PRICE:$65.00  (KBN)

Hydraulic Jack Oil Tin

HYDRAULIC JACK OIL 1 QUART TIN. Measures 5" tall with a 4" diameter. Bottom opened. From Hein-Werner Corporation, Waukesha, Wisconsin and Ajax Ontario. Light scratches and wear.
PRICE:$39.00  (KAE)

Steed Oil Conditioner Can

STEED OIL CONDITIONER 5 FL. OZ ADDITIVE CAN. All are full. Has $1.50 price on can. Dist. by Steed Industries, Inc,Itasca, Illinois 60143. Can is mint, full and never opened. Measures 4" tall with a 2" diameter.
PRICE:$18.00 each   (KUX)

Imperial Esso Products Grease Pail

IMPERIAL ESSO PRODUCTS "ELBAC 1" 25 LB. GREASE PAIL. Measures 9 1/4" in height with a 12" diameter. Circa 1950's-60's. Great condition with just very minor nicks and scratches. Strong bright colors.
PRICE:$95.00  (KRNX)

Eveready Anti-Freeze Tin

EVEREADY PRESTONE ANTI-FREEZE TIN. 1.5  U.S. gal capacity. Circa 1920's. From National Carbon Company Inc. New York N.Y. Measures 10" in height X 6 1/2" in width with a 6" depth. There is a hole in bottom right hand corner on one side. Light overall surface rust and wear. Very nice early tin.
PRICE:$185.00  (KAHX)

Atlas Automotive Bulbs Counter Top Advertising Display

ATLAS AUTOMOTIVE BULBS  COUNTER TOP DISPLAY STAND. Tin  with plastic lid. Measures 12" in height X 12 1.2" in width X 8" in depth. Display by Perrin Industries Ltd printed on side. Display is in excellent condition with just normal use/age wear. A neat automotive related counter top display.
PRICE:$245.00  (KAEN)

Vintage License Plates

VINTAGE LICENSE PLATES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Various conditions. Approx.  Now over 500 in stock. Prices start at $8.00  & up.

Red Indian Double Deck Playing Cards 1930's

RED INDIAN 1930'S DOUBLE DECK PLAYING CARDS IN ORIGINAL TWO PACK SLEEVE. Both sets are complete 52 card sets but there are no jokers. One set is cream color and the second one is green. Both sets illustrate a Red Indian Service Station circa 1930. Both sets are in excellent condition but do show signs of light use. Cards from McColl-Frontenac Oil Co. Limited.
PRICE:$295.00  (KACE)

EN-AR-CO Automoble Game

CANADIAN OIL COMPANIES LIMITED TORONTO ONTARIO EN-AR-CO AUTOMOBILE GAME. Copyright in Canada 1926 bt Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. Toronto Ont. Paper board game measures 14 1/2" square (has tape on 1 seam on back). Game has 2 spinners and 6 game pieces. Real neat EN-AR-CO item. Very difficult to find complete.
PRICE:$150.00  (KYEX)


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