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Clark Dairy 1939 Royal Visit to Canada Milk Bottle

SCARCE CLARK DAIRY MILK BOTTLE . 1939 ROYAL VISIT TO CANADA 1/2 PINT MILK BOTTLE.Silk screen image of King & Queen, maple leaf and crown. Clark Dairy Limited an Ottawa Institution silk screen on reverse side. Measures 6" in height. No chips or cracks or damage of any kind.

CNR Canadian National Railway Cast iron Spittoon

CNR Canadian National Railway cast iron spittoon. Measures 5 1/4" in height with a 8 1/2" diameter. Circa 1900. These were used on railway passenger cars. Painted black. Possibly an old repaint. One of 3 different spittoons we recently acquired with some other interesting CNR/CPR memorabilia.
PRICE:$395.00  (KAYY)

CPR Canadian Pacific Railways Pressed Steel Spittoon

CPR Canadian Pacific Railway pressed steel spittoon. Measures 7 1/4" in height with a 8 1/2" diameter. Circa 1910. These were used on passenger railway cars.One of 3 different spittoons we just acquired with some other interesting CNR/CPR memorabilia.
PRICE:$395.00  (KAYY)

CNR Canadian National Railway Pressed Steel Spittoon

CNR Canadian National Railway pressed steel spittoon. Measures 7" in height with a 8 1/4" diameter. Circa 1910. Old solder repair between top funnel and base. Minor denting in base as well. These were used on pasenger railway cars. One of 3 different spittoons we just acquired with some other interesting CNR/CPR memorabilia.
PRICE:$350.00  (KAYY)

Canadian National Steamships Water Pitcher

CANADIAN NATIONAL STEAMSHIPS large water pitcher. Measures 10" in height with a 5 1/2" diameter. Made by Stanley Insulating Co. Great Barrington, Mass. U.S.A.
PRICE:$175.00  (KCE)

Canada Steamship Lines Teapot

Canada Steamship Lines single serve teapot. Measures 4 3/4" in height. CSL logo stamped on one side.
PRICE:$150.00 (KEN) 

CNR Canadian National Railways Steel Pick.

CNR Canadian National Railways steel pick axe. Measures 7" in length. Remnants of old yellow/orange paint. CNR stamped on this piece. Possible a fireman's pick.
PRICE:$58.00  (KUN)

CNR Canadian National Railway Meat Hook

CNR Canadian National Railway meat hook from a freight car. Measures 10" in length X 6" in width. Stamped CAN NAT RY on shaft (highlighted with chalk)
PRICE:$65.00  (KBN)

CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Cast Iron Meat Hook

CPR Canadian Pacific Railway cast iron meat hook from a freight car. Measures 10" in length X 8" in width. Stamped CAN PAC RY on shaft (highlighted with chalk)

PRICE:$65.00 (KBN)

CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Drinking Cup

CPR Canadian Pacific Railway tin drinking cup. Stamped CPR on bottom. Measures 4" in diameter X 1 3/4" high.
PRICE:$58.00 (KUU)

1960 Seeburg Jukebox

JUKEBOX 1960 SEEBURG MODEL Q100, 100 SELECTION SELECT-O-MATIC. Perfect working condition. Measures 55 " in height X 33" in width X 25" in depth. Beautiful powder blue interior and fabulous 3 -D chrome grill. Includes door to door delivery. Sorry no stairs..90 day warranty in Ottawa area from the day the unit is delivered to your home/business. The ultimate game room/man cave center piece. One of the nicest we've owned.

Camel Cigarettes Advertising Lighter

CAMEL CIGARETTES ADVERTISING LIGHTER. 1950'S-1960'S. Coronet Super Lighter Japan. No wick but clicker working very well. Marked on plastic wrap around "HAVE A REAL CIGARETTE" Plastic cover is near mint. Bottom of lighter shows wear.

Antique Wooden Skies

ANTIQUE WOODEN SKIES. Most have their bindings and straps, some just bindings. Measure from 5' to 8' lengths. Several pairs in stock at the moment..all are $85.00 each except for one pair of  8' that were made in Norway for ski jumping and priced  at $120.00.

Tin Ceiling Panels

TIN CEILING PANELS. Circa 1900. Ceiling panels measure 24 1/2" square. Heavily embossed panels from an old hardware or general store. We have 20 -25 of these. Minor rust around outside edges on a few.
PRICE:$35.00 each (ONLY 8-10 LEFT IN STOCK)

Fire Engine Kiddie Amusment Park Ride

KIDDIE FIRE ENGINE CONEY ISLAND AMUSEMENT PARK RIDE. Measures 5' in length X 24" in width X 30" in height. Manufactured by Pinto Bros. Coney Island N.Y. These rides were made in the 1930's and used in parks like Coney Island in N.Y. Truck is complete and in excellent overall condition. Great piece.

Glass Cylinders for Barber Poles

WILLIAM MARVY  GLASS CYLINDERS FOR BARBER POLES. William Marvy Co. St. Paul Minn. Measures 16" in height with a 6" diameter. Both in mint condition with original shippin gboxes. Fits both Marvy & Koken barber poles. Circa 1950's-1960's. Two available.
PRICE:$200.00 each

Canadian Country Store Collectibles Book

CANADIAN COUNTRY STORE COLLECTIBLES 2ND EDITION. (1997) Great 196 page book that is full of pictures and a price quide of Canadian country store collectibles, tin, signs,display cabinets, dispensers and anything else found or used in a general store. There is very little written on Canadian country store items. Bill Hogan & Ed Locke authors.

Fry's Hot Chocolate Soda Fountain Container

FRY'S HOT CHOCOLATE SODA FOUNTAIN SYRUP CONTAINER. Painted aluminum dispenser is in excellent condition with only a couple of tiny chips in the paint. Circa 1950's. Complete with wire frames and ladle inside.Measures 7" in height with a 7" diameter. Nice Fry's item.

Peerless Black Leather Polish Match Holder Striker

PEERLESS BLACK MATCH HOLDER AND STRIKER AMERICAN DRESSING CO. MONTREAL PEERLESS BLACK LEATHER POLISH."Guaranteed High Grade The Shine That Won't Come Off" Box on match holder has in part "Highest Award Paris 1900 Diploma of Honor Glasgow 1901" .Measures  5 1/2" in length X 4 1/4" in width. Circa 1902. Canadian match holder made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Ltd. Toronto. Shows wear for sure but this is a tin match holder that we have never seen before...



Johann Faber Pencil Store Display

JOHANN FABER WINDUP CLOCKWORK PENCIL STORE DISPLAY IN THE FORM OF A SAILBOAT.Sails are heavy cardboard, mast and body of boat are wood, base is wood, clockwork mechanism appears to be brass, crepe paper used on front of sailboat to give illusion of water. Flag at top is paper. mechanism is tight so I think it is overwound. It is not working but should rock back and forth. Circa 1920's we believe..Some pencils are marked FABER others marked AMERICAN PENCIL CO. NEW YORK.Some minor damage to crepe paper. Balance of this display is great!  Measures 21 3/4" to top of flag with a measurement of 16" in length X 4" in width @base.RARE PENCIL ADVERTISING DISPLAY.


Folk Art Bird House

A colorful carved and painted bird house titled" GRASSHOPPER" by Joe Creek. This pc. plus many other examples of this artist have been displayed in major galleries including The American Folk Art Museum. Measures 9" X 8" X 12 " in length.


Diamond Dyes Shipping Crate or Box

DIAMOND DYES WOOD SHIPPING BOX. Circa 1900. This is the original shipping crate for a large size cabinet like the Maypole or Governess. One side panel replaced otherwise 100% original. Stencils indicate it was sent from Wells & Richardson Co. Limited Montreal P.Q. and shipped to a merchant by the name of L.Z. Magnan in Joliette P.Q. Measures 32" in height X 25" in width X 11 1/4" in depth. A rare box!


Black Diamond Instrument Strings Display Case

BLACK DIAMOND STRINGS TIN COUNTER TOP DISPLAY CABINET. Display case from a music store that held strings for all musical instruments. Circa 1950's. Measures 24" in height X 14 1/2" in width and 10 1/2 in depth. Painted cabinet held guitar strings,mandolin,spanish guitar,hawaiian guitar, tenor banjo and violin strings. Label on inside back doors read "A Guaranteed Product of the National Musical String Co. New Brunswick N.J."  Inside case there is a 3 unused mandolin strings and an empty box for Hawaiian guitar strings. Cabinet has minor nicks and scratches on front with small areas of paint loss on back.


Diamond Dyes Cabinet

DIAMOND DYES CABINET 1890'S "EVOLUTION OF WOMAN".Measures 29 3/4" in height X 22 1/2" in width X 11 1/4" in depth.Cabinet is missing most of its interior dividers. It has been stripped and refinished with a satin finish.The tin depicts the evolution of a woman starting in the bottom left corner at 7 o'clock where she is a baby and rotating clockwise to 5 o'clock where she is an old lady. There is a diamond in the center with a rainbow of color shining on the figures. It has overall wear. This has always been a tough cabinet to find in good shape. It is priced very reasonably for the condition.


Cream Of Wheat Premium

CREAM OF WHEAT 1950'S CLOTH CUT OUT DOLL. This was a premium given with Cream Of Wheat purchase. Cloth is in excellent condition and colors are bright. Measures 27 1/2" in length X 19 1/2" in width. Instructions for assembly are printed on the cloth.


Celluloid Pocket Mirror

FREAR'S DRY GOODS STORE TROY N.Y CELLULOID POCKET MIRROR. Measures 2 3/4" in length X 2" in width. Very minor wear. No foxing. Original mirror.


Greyhound Dog Bookend

Heavy cast metal (iron?) greyhound dog. Probably a bookend. Mounted on walnut base. Measures 7" in height X 7 3/4" in length. Dog is nickle plated. Circa 1930's. Excellent condition.


Antique Wooden Telephone Booth

ANTIQUE WOODEN TELEPHONE BOOTH.Circa 1920's. Measures 7' in height X 30 1/2" in depth and width. Has all its original tin pebbled interior.Does not have a phone or seat in it but the evidence of there being there is obvious. Accordion style door works perfectly. I believe the wood is maple. The original finish has been stripped off leaving it ready to be refinished to your taste. Excellent overall condition.


Post Cards of All Kinds

POSTCARDS,POSTCARDS,POSTCARDS. We have approx. 10,000 postcards in stock. Stop in and check out our large selection. We do take these to some of our many shows so please email or call before traveling to the shop or shows we do  to be certain they are  available.


King Edward Hotel Toronto Calendar

KING EDWARD HOTEL TORONTO CANADA SOUVENIR PERPETUAL CALENDAR. Circa 1920. Measures 4 1/2" in length X 2 1/2" in width.Embossed metal face pictures the King Edward surrounded by roses. All months date pads are intact.Missing the small fold out easel on back. Neat early hotel/Toronto piece.


Halloween Black Cat Lantern

HALLOWEEN DECORATION. BLACK CAT LANTERN. Measures 8" in length X 6 1/2" in width X 4" in depth. Scowling cat on one side , smiling cat on reverse. Recently found in the attic of an old general store. c. 1940's


Gilchrist Ice Cream Scoop

GILCHRIST No.31 Vintage Ice Cream Scoop. Nickle plated brass.Nickle plate has worn through to brass in some areas. Wooden handle. c. 1930's. Clean working condition. Measures 11" in length.


Cast Iron Door Knocker

Cast Iron Door Knocker in form of Flower Basket.Paint is 100% original. No breaks or damage to casting.I believe this was made by Hubley.Has the number "13" stamped on back. c1930's.Guaranteed old and original.Measures 4"in height X 3" in width.


Chocolate Mold Rabbit

Chocolate mold standing rabbit. Heavy molded metal measures 14" in length X 9" in width.Excellent condition.



































PLANTERS PEANUTS jar with tin lid. c.1940's. Rim of jar has a couple of very teany edge chips. Tin lid shows some wear. Neat original jar. Measures 10" in height X 9" in length X 5" in width.





























Clown Figural Pencil Sharpener & Magnifying Glass

CLOWN FIGURAL PENCIL SHARPENER & MAGNIFYING GLASS. Magnifier is "DRUM" and pencil sharpener is "BASE". Paint is in very good condition. Measures 2 1/2" in height X 1 1/4" in width. Made of white metal. circa 1950's.


Victorian Hall Lamp

Beautiful victorian hall lamp. Complete with font and chimney and in working condition.Intricate brass frame with amber glass inserts.Measures 28" overall.. with 10 1/2" glass panels.circa 1900. PRICE:$495.00
















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