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Diamond Dyes Cabinet THE BABY

DIAMOND DYES CABINET "THE BABY" CIRCA 1890'S. This is one of the earliest cabinets distributed by The Wells & Richardson Co. of Burlington, VT.U.S.A. and Montreal, Canada. Cabinet measures 20" in height X 16 1/2" in width with a 8 1/2" depth. These colorful point of sale cabinets sat on the counters of general stores. Back doors opened for merchant to dispense different colors of dyes used in that time to dye fabric.. The baby is a hard to find cabinet in this condition and I've only owned one better in almost 40 years. There is a rub/ scratch on the babies right shoulder and two more lesser ones on the colored feathers that you can only see if you hold cabinet on an angle. Colors are strong and bright. This is a very thick paint and paint is finely crackled. There is a tiny chip in the paint near top center edge. very minor. If you collect country store advertising you will be hard pressed to find a better example. Inside has been painted white and most of the dividers are missing. All said, it's a great example of a scarce cabinet.

SOLD         (KYUE)

Templeton's Drug Store Display Cabinet

TEMPLETON'S DRUG STORE DISPLAY CABINET. Circa 1950's. This cabinet would of sat on a pharmacy or drug store counter displaying various brands of Templeton's products. There are 14 display boxes inside the sealed cabinet and each cardboard box has an individual price of product marked on the box. Cabinet is made of wood with a glass front. Marquis on top is polished steel and reads "TEMPLETON'S For Fast Relief". On the bottom of the cabinet is stamped "Property of Templeton's Ltd. 56 Colborne St. Toronto". Great medicinal item. Measures 17 1/2" in height X 10 3/4" in width with a depth of 7 3/4". Excellent overall condition.
PRICE:$325.00     (KAEN)

Monarch Razor Blade Sharpener

MONARCH RAZOR BLADE SHARPENER. Tin with replaceable sharpening pad. Measures 5 1/2" in length X 2 1/8" in width. Monarch Razor Blade Sharpener...For any Single or Double Edge Blade..Simple Handy Durable...Practical Effective Safe..MONARCH SPECIALTY CO. TORONTO -CANADA. Circa 1930's. Sharpening pad on back slides out to replace. Minor fading. Neat shaving/barber piece.
PRICE:$48.00   (KUN)

1962 Seeburg DS 160 Jukebox

1962 SEEBURG DS 160 JUKEBOX.Comes in working condition and is complete with 45 RPM records.Great working machine.

1) Door to door delivery included in Ottawa stairs.
2) 90 day warranty included that begins day the machine is delivered to your house.
3) Instruction lesson on delivery.
PRICE:$1995.00     (KATX)

Large Selection LP'S All Genres

We have a large selection of 5-600  33 RPM LP'S from the 1950',60's,70's and 1980's. All genres from country -rock and roll and easy listening.
PRICES: From $6.00 - $20.00 each

Ornate Victorian Cast Iron Planter

ORNATE VICTORIAN CAST IRON PLANTER. Circa 1900. Measures 48" to top of handles, 39" in width with a 27" depth. Ornate handles and 3 griffins or mythological characters around the base that has a floral decoration. One of the nicest Victorian planters we've seen and certainly the nicest we've owned. Casting appears to be perfect. We do not see any breaks, cracks or missing pieces of any kind. We have a second planter from the same source but they are not a matched pair. This is a one piece planter.
PRICE:$2800.00    (KATX)

Victorian Cast Iron Planter

VICTORIAN CAST IRON PLANTER. Circa 1900. Measures 53" in height to top of handles, 39" in width X 27" in depth. Beautiful ornate handles. This planter has a more traditional base and comes in 3 pieces. Casting appears to be perfect. We do not see any breaks, cracks or missing pieces of any kind. We have a second planter from the same source but they are not a matched pair.

PRICE:$1500.00      (KYHX)

Memorial Pin-back Button His Majesty George V

HIS MAJESTY GEORGE V MEMORIAL PIN-BACK BUTTON. This celluloid pin-back measures 7/8" in diameter and is marked "MADE IN CANADA" IN MEMORIAM HIS MAJESTY GEORGE V 1865-1936. Excellent condition.

Merrick's General Store Spool Cabinet

MERRICK'S SIX CORD SOFT FINISH SPOOL COTTON GENERAL STORE SPOOL CABINET.Circa 1900. Pat'd July 20-1897. Interior drum is missing. Minor wear to 1 curved glass. Measures 20" in height with an 18" diameter.
PRICE:$695.00  (KBUN)

CNR Canadian National Railway Cast iron Spittoon

CNR Canadian National Railway cast iron spittoon. Measures 5 1/4" in height with a 8 1/2" diameter. Circa 1900. These were used on railway passenger cars. Painted black. Possibly an old repaint. One of 3 different spittoons we recently acquired with some other interesting CNR/CPR memorabilia.
PRICE:$395.00  (KAYY)

CPR Canadian Pacific Railways Pressed Steel Spittoon

CPR Canadian Pacific Railway pressed steel spittoon. Measures 7 1/4" in height with a 8 1/2" diameter. Circa 1910. These were used on passenger railway cars.One of 3 different spittoons we just acquired with some other interesting CNR/CPR memorabilia.
PRICE:$395.00  (KAYY)

CNR Canadian National Railway Pressed Steel Spittoon

CNR Canadian National Railway pressed steel spittoon. Measures 7" in height with a 8 1/4" diameter. Circa 1910. Old solder repair between top funnel and base. Minor denting in base as well. These were used on pasenger railway cars. One of 3 different spittoons we just acquired with some other interesting CNR/CPR memorabilia.
PRICE:$350.00  (KAYY)

Canadian National Steamships Water Pitcher

CANADIAN NATIONAL STEAMSHIPS large water pitcher. Measures 10" in height with a 5 1/2" diameter. Made by Stanley Insulating Co. Great Barrington, Mass. U.S.A.
PRICE:$175.00  (KCE)

Canada Steamship Lines Teapot

Canada Steamship Lines single serve teapot. Measures 4 3/4" in height. CSL logo stamped on one side.
PRICE:$150.00 (KEN) 

Camel Cigarettes Advertising Lighter

CAMEL CIGARETTES ADVERTISING LIGHTER. 1950'S-1960'S. Coronet Super Lighter Japan. No wick but clicker working very well. Marked on plastic wrap around "HAVE A REAL CIGARETTE" Plastic cover is near mint. Bottom of lighter shows wear.

Antique Wooden Skies

ANTIQUE WOODEN SKIES. Most have their bindings and straps, some just bindings. Measure from 5' to 8' lengths. Several pairs in stock at the moment..all are $85.00 each except for one pair of  8' that were made in Norway for ski jumping and priced  at $120.00.

Tin Ceiling Panels

TIN CEILING PANELS. Circa 1900. Ceiling panels measure 24 1/2" square. Heavily embossed panels from an old hardware or general store. We have 20 -25 of these. Minor rust around outside edges on a few.
PRICE:$35.00 each (ONLY 8-10 LEFT IN STOCK)

Glass Cylinders for Barber Poles

WILLIAM MARVY  GLASS CYLINDERS FOR BARBER POLES. William Marvy Co. St. Paul Minn. Measures 16" in height with a 6" diameter. Both in mint condition with original shippin gboxes. Fits both Marvy & Koken barber poles. Circa 1950's-1960's. Two available.
PRICE:$200.00 each

Folk Art Bird House

A colorful carved and painted bird house titled" GRASSHOPPER" by Joe Creek. This pc. plus many other examples of this artist have been displayed in major galleries including The American Folk Art Museum. Measures 9" X 8" X 12 " in length.


Cast Iron Door Knocker

Cast Iron Door Knocker in form of Flower Basket.Paint is 100% original. No breaks or damage to casting.I believe this was made by Hubley.Has the number "13" stamped on back. c1930's.Guaranteed old and original.Measures 4"in height X 3" in width.



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