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Eskimo Smoking Tobacco Tin

RARE ESKIMO SMOKING TOBACCO SLIP LID TOBACCO TIN. Near mint condition. Wonderful picture of husky dog and igloos. Measures 6" in height with a 4 1/4" diameter. Circa 1910. Tin manufactured by the Thos. Davidson MFG, Co. Limited Montreal. Factory No.6 Port 13-D. Gold litho lid has a couple of tiny dings and tin itself has a couple of very minor nicks or dings. A very scarce Canadian tin in excellent overall condition.

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Robertson's Candy Pail

BEN-HUR Ceylon Tea Tin

BEN-HUR CEYLON TEA TIN. Circa 1900. Canadian tea tin made by The Thos. Davidson Mfg. Co. Ltd. Montreal. Measures 8 1/2" tall X 8 1/4" in width X 7" in depth. A fairly hard tin to find. Light overall wear. Displays great. Fabulous graphics.


Hudson's Bay Tea Tin

HUDSON'S BAY CO'S NUMBER TWO MAROON BACKGROUND SMALL TEA TIN. Measures 5 1/2" in height and 3" square. One side pictures Hudson's Bay Co's Upper Fort Garry, 1835-1882 and Jack Canuck in North West. All 4 sides plus top have minor scratches and wear. We have not owned this size in the past. Fabulous colors and graphics.


Long Tom Tobacco Tin

LONG TOM SMOKING TOBACCO TIN. From Rock City Tobacco Co. Limited. Measures 5" in length X 3 3/4" in width with a 3" depth. Pictures a black gentleman with a plug of "Long Tom" tobacco in his hand. Tin made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Ltd. Toronto. Tin displays fairly well but does have small nicks and scratches.


Christie Brown & Co. Biscuit Tin

CHRISTIE BROWN & CO. LIMITED BISCUIT MANUFACTURERS 1874-1902 TORONTO CANADA LITHOGRAPHED TIN. Absolutely fabulous graphics and lithography. Cover depicts images of Toronto City Hall 1842, Parliament Buildings in 1832, Parliament Buildings in 1892, City Hall in 1899 and Christie Brown Building in 1874 and again in 1902. inside cover of the lid shows Board Of Trade Building opened in 1892. Unmarked as to maker. Measures 8 3/4" sq. and 3" in height. Nice multi-colored tin that has minor nicks and scratches but none serious.


Old Colony Maple Syrup Tin

OLD COLONY MAPLE SYRUP TIN. Large 136 ozs. tin Measures 9" in height with a 5 1/2" diameter. From QUEBEC MAPLE PRODUCTS Lennoxville, Quebec THE MAPLE CENTER OF CANADA. Circa 1930's tin is in great condition with large maple leaf on front. Strong bright colors. Two small dents on sides near the bottom. Beautiful tin.


Torpedo Tobacco Pocket Tin

TORPEDO SHORT CUT SMOKING TOBACCO POCKET TIN. Circa 1910. A very scarce Canadian pocket tin. Has rust spots on both sides. One side is better than the other as evident in pictures. Fairly priced for the condition. Measures 4 1/4" in length X 3 1/4" in width X 1" in depth. From Rock City Tobacco Co. Ltd. Quebec.


Gold Dust Tobacco Pocket Tin

GOLD DUST TOBACCO POCKET TIN. Circa 1910. Manufactured by the B. Houde Co. Quebec. Very scarce Canadian curved pocket tin. Fabulous graphics of man in red shirt panning for gold while two men in suits look over his pan. Mountains in background suggest Klondike or Alaska. Colors are wonderful. Tin has tiny nicks in litho on both front & back. Nothing big. Gold sides retain some of the gold litho. Lots of pictures.


Taxi Tobacco Pocket Tin

TAXI CRIMP CUT TOBACCO POCKET TIN. One of the most desirable Canadian pockets. This is just a "filler" tin until a better one comes along. Rust on top and on each side. Image still decent. Priced reasonably according to condition. Measures 4 3/8" in height X 3" in width X 1" in depth. Tin is from the Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada ltd.


Red Feather Peanut Butter Tin

RED FEATHER PEANUT BUTTER CAN. This is a 1lb. tin from Imperial Coca & Spice Co. Ltd. Hamilton ON. Measures 3 1/4" in height with a diameter of 3 3/4". Blue & green colors.

Squirrel Peanut Butter Tin

SQUIRREL PEANUT BUTTER TIN. From Canada Nut Co. Ltd Vancouver B.C. 27oz. tin measures 4 1/4" in height with a 4" diameter. Tin is in super condition with very minor blemishes.


Tuckett's Blue Old Squire Pocket Tin

TUCKETT'S BLUE OLD SQUIRE POCKET TIN. "Tuckett's Ready Rubbed Old Squire" Tuckett's was in Hamilton Ontario. Minor dents on both front and back of tin. No rust areas. Strong color. You see orange ones all the time. Tin measures 4 1/2" in height X 3" in width.


Menthol and Honey Cough Drops Tin

MENTHOL and HONEY COUGH DROPS TIN. Large tin from Lyman's Ltd. Montreal. Tin measures 14" in height X 8" square. Fantastic colors and condition.We have only owned this tin a couple times over the years but never seen one even close to this condition. Strong bright colors, very minor nicks or damage. Tin made by The Thos. Davidson Mfg. Co. Limited Montreal. Lid appears to of been recessed at one time but flattened out. Tin came out of a girls convent on the West Island of Montreal. Beautiful condition for such a scarce tin.


Upton's Peanut Butter Tin

UPTON'S PURE PEANUT BUTTER TIN. Tin is a 13oz. size. Measures 3"in height with a 3 3/4" diameter. From the T. Upton Co. Limited Hamilton Can. Tin made by the Whittall Can Co. Ltd. Montreal. Red, white, blue and gold litho. Tin has light overall wear. We have not seen this particular tin before. Recently acquired from an old collection of over 40 years.


Falcon Coffee Tin

FALCON COFFEE 1 LB. PAPER LABEL COFFEE TIN. Tin is from Gold Medal Products, Toronto, Canada. Measures 5 1/2" in height with a 4 1/4" diameter. Paper label is in great condition.Was probably varnished a long time ago that helped preserve it.


Drinkmor Coffee Tin Canadian

DRINKMOR COFFEE 1 LB. COFFEE CAN. Tin is from Drinkmor Coffee Co. Toronto, Canada. Measures 5 3/4" in height with a 4 1/4" diameter. This tin has an embossed lid with Drinkmor Coffee embossed in top. Tin has minor scuffs and scratches but displays very well.


Buckingham Tobacco Pocket Tin

BUCKINGHAM CUT PLUG SMOKING TOBACCO POCKET TIN. Beautiful tin with great colors. A few tiny rust spots. Nothing serious. Measures 4 1/2" tall X 3" wide.


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