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We often get asked if we buy old signs..Yes of course we do... BUT..we have to see pictures of what you have because the condition issue makes a world of difference in price. This is an example of the value placed on condition: 1939 Coca-Cola green version thermometers. One on the left has many chips around outside edges and some on face ..VALUE:$200-$250...The identical thermometer on the right  has two tiny edge chips and ..VALUE is:$2200.00

Yes We Can Ship Large Signs

These images reflect the great care we put into crating large signs for shipment. This was a Rexall Drugs sign that measured 8' X 3' and took several man hours to crate securely and arrived safely.


5683 BANK ST, HWY 31.




Multi Merchant Wooden Advertising Thermometer

MULTI MERCHANT WOOD ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1930. This 24" X 7" thermometer was made by the Winthrop ADV. Services, 35 Winthrop St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Thermometer shares advertising space for 5 companies. Roselle Park trust Company, Twin Boro Auto Corporation Ford The Universal Car Dealers,Poll's Tea and Tokens, Roe Radio & Electric Company Atwater Kent Radios and William J Donlan Realtor. All these merchants were from Roselle Park N.J. For a wood painted thermometer the paint is all original with just minor wear. The glass tube is intact but the mercury has separated. Very interesting thermometer.
PRICE:$ 395.00     (ACNX)

Monarch Razor Blade Sharpener

MONARCH RAZOR BLADE SHARPENER. Tin with replaceable sharpening pad. Measures 5 1/2" in length X 2 1/8" in width. Monarch Razor Blade Sharpener...For any Single or Double Edge Blade..Simple Handy Durable...Practical Effective Safe..MONARCH SPECIALTY CO. TORONTO -CANADA. Circa 1930's. Sharpening pad on back slides out to replace. Minor fading. Neat shaving/barber piece.
PRICE:$48.00   (KUN)

Rural Mail Delivery Porcelain Sign

BILINGUAL RURAL MAIL POSTE RURALE PORCELAIN SIGN WITH ORIGINAL MOUNTING BRACKET. Circa 1950's.These signs were used on vehicules  of rural mail delivery people.Measures 8 3/4" in length X 4 7/8" in width. We rarely use the mint word but this sign is in mint condition. Bracket is painted steel and has been mounted on a 3/8" piece of plywood. It's a beauty.
PRICE:$325.00   (KUHX)

Sprig Porcelain Push Plate and 10 oz. Bottle

SPRIG PORCELAIN PUSH PLATE AND 10 OZ. BOTTLE. Porcelain push plate measures 11 1/2" in length X 3 1/2" in width. "A DELICIOUS DRINK.. A MARVELOUS MIXER" Push plate is in excellent condition with just a teenie tiny outside edge chip in the dark green border. Comes with a 10 oz. silk screened bottle from SPRIG. Printing on bottle reads.."INVERT BOTTLE TO AGITATE FRUIT PULP..SPRIG IS MADE FROM THE JUICE OF CALIFORNIA GRAPEFRUIT AND CITRUS OILS, AND CONTAINS SUGAR,FRUIT ACID (CITRIC) AND PURE CARBONATED WATER. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF SPRIG DIVISION CONTINENTAL BEVERAGES LIMITED OTTAWA ONTARIO..CONTENTS 10 FL.OZ." This is the only SPRIG sign or bottle that we have ever seen. We have never heard of this company before.

1917 Stag Chewing Tobacco Calendar

STAG CHEWING TOBACCO 1917 WWI ERA CALENDAR. " Tabac Stag a Chiquer 10 cents La Palette" translates to "Stag Chewing Tobacco 10 cents a Plug" Calendar has great image of Sir Douglas Haig Commander of Army's of Great Britain and France. Scene depicts  Sir Douglas Haig standing on battlefield as cannons are firing in battle. Stag plug of tobacco beside him. Original December 1917 date pad. Measures 35" in length X 18 1/2" in width. Calendar is in excellent condition and the entire image is done in oilette finish. The original gold colored metal strip is still intact. Beautiful calendar for the military collector, tobacco collector or advertising collector. Great cross over piece. Art work by E. Henderson.

Carter's Ink Tin Advertising Sign

CARTER'S BLUE BLACK INK TIN SIGN WITH INK BOTTLE AND FOUNTAIN PEN. Mint condiditon. Measures 9 1/2" in length X 7 1/2" in width. Raised embossed gold edge around sign.CARTER'S BLUE BLACK INK.. For GENERAL USE...IDEAL for FOUNTAIN PENS.
Easel back and string hanger intact. . Sign made in England circa 1950's. Beautiful sign. 
PRICE:$250.00   (KAUX)

Double Sided Porcelain Telephone Arrow Sign

TELEPHONE PORCELAIN 2 SIDED ARROW SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 26 5/8" in length X 5 7/8\' in width. One grommet missing top center that has left a teenie tiny chip (flake) at grommet hole. Two scratches in blue lettering otherwise sign is mint. These were used in restaurants and stores to direct customers to telephone booth or pay phone.
PRICE:$250.00  (KAUE)

Blue Bird In Bottles Grape Juice Cardboard Die-Cut Sign

BLUE BIRD IN BOTTLES GRAPE JUICE DIE-CUT EASEL BACK CARDBOARD SIGN.Circa 1930's. Measures 20 1/2" in height X 14 1/2" in width. Wonderful image of a large blue bird wearing a top hat perched on a bottle of Blue Bird grape juice. Made for CITRUS PRODUCTS CO. CHICAGO U.S.A. Sign was lithographed in U.S.A. Original fold out easel back still intact. There are minor foxing in the blue and yellow background which is not serious but there. Fabulous colors and graphics.

Altantic Marine Engines Tin Embossed Sign

Stand Up Longer. Lunenburg Foundry Co. Ltd. Lunenburg N.S. Sign measures 20" in length X 13 1/2" in width. Made by St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. St. Thomas, ONT. Sign is circa 1930 and is in excellent condition.
PRICE:$895.00     (KUEN)

RIZ LA Tin Embossed Cigarette Paper Dispenser

RIZ LA TIN EMBOSSED CIGARETTE PAPER DISPENSER. This 4 compartment dispenser dates circa 1920. Fabulous graphics, color and condition. Image of a gentleman smoking with Riz La cigarette papers. Measures 7 1/2" in height X 6" in width with a 3 1/4" depth. Colors are amazing. Blues, oranges and reds pop out. Minor wear or rust. Displays great.
PRICE:$695.00   (KBEN)

Black Cat Shoe Dressing Tin Litho Advertising Bill Hook

BLACK CAT SHOE DRESSING TIN LITHO BILL HOOK/SIGN. Circa 1900. Tin embossed sign has a great image of a black cat with a sign around his neck that reads. "The Black Cat Brings Good Luck". Manufactured by Nonsuch Mfg. Co. Toronto. Sign was made by Macdonald Mfg. Co. Limited Toronto. Tin measures 4 3/4" in length X 3 1/2" in width. With bill hook measures 7 1/2" in length. Gold litho is worn off on words "BLACK CAT" The rest of the sign is in excellent condition with minor nicks and scratches. Nice early advertising piece.
PRICE:$695.00   (KBEN)

Toledo Scales Porcelain Enamel Advertising Sign

TOLEDO SCALES PORCELAIN ENAMEL SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 17 1/2" in length X 11" in width. Sign is in near mint condition with the tiniest outside edge chip or two. Sign still has part of original paper label on back. Heavily layered and guaranteed to be old and original.
PRICE:$450.00     (KUH)

New Edison Phonograph Tin Litho Embossed Sign

NEW EDISON PHONOGRAPH TIN LITHOGRAPHED EMBOSSED ADVERTISING SIGN. C. 1920. Measures 35 1/2" in length X 11 1/2" in width. Wonderful image of a diamond disk machine, a violinist and a head shot of the inventor Thomas Edison. Sign is in excellent /near mint condition with just a tiny bit of wear near the original mounting holes on the right hand side. Guaranteed old and original.

Keen's Mustard Die-Cut Cardboard Advertising Sign

KEEN'S MUSTARD DIE-CUT CARDBOARD EASEL BACK SIGN.Circa 1940's. Measures 30" in height X 20" in width. Pretty lady holding a tin of Keen's mustard and a basket of vegetables  getting ready to pickle. Sign was lithographed in Canada and still has the original cardboard easel on the back. There  are three tiny pin holes in the cardboard where someone hung it at some pointin time. Has a couple minor edge dings. A very very light stain just to the left of the tin in the ladies hand and a few very minor creases. beautiful sign in excellent condition.

DeLaval Cream Separator Porcelain Sign

DE LAVAL CREAM SEPARATOR PORCELAIN SIGN. C1930's. Deep cobalt blue and yellow. Measures 16" in length X 12" in width. Thick layered porcelain is shiny bright. There are a few chips around the outside edges and a scuff mark just above the "VA" of Laval. Nice sign.
PRICE:$325.00    (KUHX)

KLM Light-Up Advertising Clock


Measures 15 1/4" square. Clock is from a travel agency or KLM office. Mint condition and working. Nice transportation or aviation piece. Pictures a 747 airplane.

PRICE:$475.00      (KUEN)

Soda Pop Push Bars 1950's- 1960's

1950's-1960's SODA POP PUSH BARS. Used on corner stores back in the day to protect screens and glass doors on the stores that sold these products.Measures 32" in length. Chips primarily on ends. A couple chips along edges.

Prices from top to bottom:
1) 7-UP -$250.00 SOLD
2) Coca Cola - $295.00 SOLD
3) Coca Cola - $295.00 
4) Pepsi Cola - $300.00 SOLD
5) Pepsi Cola - $295.00
6) Pepsi Cola - $300.00
7) Pepsi Cola - $295.00 SOLD
8) Pure Spring - $275.00 SOLD
9) Pepsi Cola - $250.00 SOLD

Domino Cigarette Die Cut Cardboard Advertising Sign

SMOKE DOMINO THE MILD CIGARETTE 10 CENT CELLOPHANE WRAPPED CARDBOARD DIE CUT SIGN. Sign has been professionally framed. Litho in U.S.A. Measures 19 3/4" in length X 13" in width. Sign is beautiful but does have minor flaws. 3 nail holes, tip of girls hat is missing, edge wear and scuffs. None of these are serious and sign displays great.  Girl in harlequin outfit is gorgeous.
PRICE:$325.00  (KAHX)

Planters Peanuts 1950's Coloring Book

PLANTERS PEANUTS AROUND THE WORLD WITH MR. PEANUT BOOK NO.3 COLORING BOOK. Circa 1950's book is in mint-unused condition. Distributed by the Planters Nut & Chocolate Co. Ltd. Toronto , Canada. Book cover shows all different Planters products from that time. MINT-UNUSED. Measures 10 3/4" in length X 7 1/4" in width and 27 pages.

Fry's Cocoa Tin Embossed Push Plate

FRY'S COCOA TIN EMBOSSED PUSH PLATE. Circa 1930's. Measures 11 3/4" in length X 3 3/8" in width. J.S Fry & Sons Ltd. Fry's Pure Breakfast Cocoa Manufactured by Fry-Cadbury Ltd. Montreal.Pour Qualite Bon Gout Valeur Nutritive. Loosely translates to "For quality good taste and nutricious value". Sign is in mint unused condition. Guaranteed old and original.Great colors and great condition.
PRICE:$395.00   (KUHX)

Mountain Dew Tin Advertising Sign

MOUNTAIN DEW TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1950's. Measures 27 1/4" in length X 19 1/2" in width. Great graphics of a Hillbilly with his jug of Mountain Dew. Ya-hoo! drink Mountain Dew it'll tickle your innards! Sign has rusted corners on bottom left and bottom right. It is slightly faded and has rust spots scattered here and there. All that being said, it displays nice. Very desirable sign.
PRICE:$495.00  (KUBE)

John Collins Fit For A King Cardboard Advertising Sign

JOHN COLLINS FIT FOR A KING CARDBOARD DIE-CUT ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1950's. Image of a very content gentleman lying back enjoying his bottle of John Collins. Nice image of bottle cap. Sign is in mint-unused condition. It is designed to fold on the 1 1/2" grey border that goes all around to give it a picture frame effect. It also has an easel back fold on back that has never been folded. Like I said MINT-UNUSED. Super die-cut advertising sign in fabulous condition.

Grapette Soda 1957 Calendar

Grapette Soda original 1957 calendar with complete date pad. Measures 33" in length X 16" in width. "ENJOY FLAVOR ENRICHED GRAPETTE SODA" with a pretty girl. It is artist signed. I believe it is signed "FRUSH". Pearl Frush is considered one of the top 3 American women pin-up artists.Poster is in excellent condition.
PRICE:$325.00       (KACE)

Canadian Pacific Travel Poster

CANADIAN PACIFIC TRAVEL POSTER. Circa 1960. Measures 36" in length X 24" in width. "re-discover the fun of train travel-on The Canadian" Travel city  to city - or across Canada with Canadian Pacific Trains,Trucks,Ships,Planes, Hotels,Telecommunication. Poster is in excellent (not mint) condition. Poster printed in Canada.
PRICE:$350.00      (KAUE)

Porcelain Street Signs

PORCELAIN STREET SIGNS. FAIROAK DR./SINGLETON DR./BREEWOOD RD. AND ESSINGTON RD. Porcelain signs are circa 1930's-40's and are heavy thick porcelain enamel black on white. They measure 30" in length X 6" in width. All are in excellent condition.
PRICE:$85.00 each    (KUE)

Porcelain Street Sign

PORCELAIN STREET SIGN. W. FRANKFORT DR. Porcelain sign is circa 1930's/40's and is embossed heavy porcelain enamel black on white. Measures 36" in length X 6" in width. Excellent condition with only a couple very minor chips in porcelain.
PRICE:$85.00    (KUE)

Porcelain Street Signs

PORCELAIN STREET SIGNS. BAYNE ST./LOWELL ST./MOHICAN RD. AND SUDBURY RD. Porcelain signs are circa 1930's-40's and are heavy thick porcelain enamel black on white. They measure 24" in length X 6" in width. All are in excellent condition.
PRICE:$85.00 each
Sudbury Rd SOLD
 Lowell St SOLD (KUE)

Players Navy Cut Gold Leaf Tin Advertising Sign

LARGE PLAYERS NAVY CUT GOLD LEAF TIN TOBACCO ADVERTISING SIGN WITH WOOD FRAME. Measures 6' in height X 59" in width. Pictures a package of Players Gold Leaf Cigarettes. Painted tin sign has strong colors. Some flaking across center and along top edge.
PRICE:$795.00   (KUUN)

Mountain Dew 28 OZ. Bottle

MOUNTAIN DEW 28 OZ. BOTTLE. "it'll tickle yore innards"  in English on one side. "un bon p"tit boire" printed in French on other side. This bottle has a bruise/flake on the shoulder, otherwise in excellent condition.
PRICE:$125.00  (KFX)

Mountain Dew 28 OZ. Bottle

"It'll tickle yore innards" printed in English on both sides.Excellent condition.
PRICE:$225.00    (KYN)

Orange Crush Cardboard Advertising Sign

ORANGE CRUSH FROM NATURAL ORANGE JUICE LARGE CARDBOARD SIGN. Measures 37 1/2" in length X 25 1/2" in width. Great image of their brown crinkle bottle and oranges. Has a small repair on bottom left hand corner, some staple holes repaired professionally. Displays like near mint. Sign is circa 1940's.
SOLD      (KRUX)

Whiz Fly Fume Tin Display Cabinet

WHIZ FLY FUME TIN DISPLAY STAND. Could be used as a wall hanger or free standing on a counter top. Circa 1930's. Measures 29 " in height X 17 1/4" in width X 5 3/4" in depth. Marque at top pictures a lady spraying various insects... Whiz Fly Fume, Double strength,Kills 100% Flies, Roaches,Moths,Bed bugs,Mosquitoes etc. ..Pleasantly scented harmless to humans and pets. Tin litho sign is in good condition with minor wear. Red is repaint on shelves.
PRICE:$495.00     (KBUX)

McCulloch Chain Saws Tin Advertising Sign

McCULLOCH CHAIN SAWS TIN SIGN. Measures 24" in length X 15" in width. Made in Canada - Barker 1960. Mint condition, never hung up.
PRICE:$350.00      (KUHX)

Spruce Vine Jersey Farm Agricultural Advertising Sign

The Dingwalls
Berwick, Ontario
Floyd, Richard, Harold
Measures 5' in length X 2' in width. Sign is painted on masonite and we are estimating circa 1940's. We have a 1879 atlas for Stormont-Dundas Counties and this family is listed then in the Finch area. Nice agricultural sign in very decent condition.
PRICE:$850.00   (KBCE)

Bartlett's Fruit Grading Equipment Tin Embossed Sign

 BARTLETT'S FRUIT GRADING EQUIPMENT TIN EMBOSSED ADVERTISING SIGN. High Quality SPRAYING & DUSTING MATERIALS FRUIT GRADING EQUIPMENT N.M. BARTLETT MFG. CO. BEAMSVILLE, ONT. Measures 17 1/2" in length X 13 1/2" in width. Nail holes on left side at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock on right.Both have minor damage at nail holes. Sign is in excellent overall condition.
PRICE:$350.00  (KUHX)

Treasure Line Advertising Tray

TREASURE LINE STOVES TIN DUST PAN ADVERTISING TRAY. These were advertising give-a ways if you purchased a stove or range from this company. "TREASURE LINE STOVES and RANGES MADE BY THE D. MOORE CO. LIMITED HAMILTON ONT. SELLING AGENT S.A. LUKE OTTAWA"  Measures 9 1/2" in length X 6 3/4" in width. Tin litho tray has some crazing but otherwise is in great condition.
PRICE:$149.99  (KUN)

Vogue Cigarette Papers Dispenser 

VOGUE CIGARETTE PAPERS DISPENSER. Measures 6" in height X 3" in width X 2" in depth. 6 cents written on front in black marker, otherwise just minor nicks and scratches.
PRICE:$120.00  (KREX)

Whistle Tin Embossed Advertising Sign

WHISTLE TIN EMBOSSED SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 13 1/2" in length X 4" in width.Marked "Trade Mark Reg. Can. Pat. Off." Sign has minor damage at both nail holes. Scarce sign in very nice condition.
PRICE:$325.00  (KUH)

Tin Palm Press Avon Brilliant Polish for Boots and Leggings

AVON BRILLIANT POLISH FOR BOOTS AND LEGGINGS TIN PALM PRESS. Circa 1930's. Measures 8" in length X 3" in width. Excellent to mint condition. Marked on tin pictured in center is "HIGH CLASS BOOT POLISH THE AVON BOOT POLISH PRESERVES THE LEATHER"
PRICE:$125.00  (KEN)

Edison Mazda Lamps Tin Die-cut Light Bulb Display

EDISON MAZDA LAMPS TIN DIE- CUT LIGHT BULB DISPLAY RACK. Circa 1930's. Sits on counter top. Art deco display measures 18 1?2" in length X 16" in height X 7" in depth. "DON'T FORGET EDISON MAZDA LAMPS GENERAL ELECTRIC" Comes with light bulbs and packages shown in photos.
PRICE:$795.00    (KREN)

Ocean Liner Print S.S. Metagama

S.S. METAGAMA CANADIAN PACIFIC TRANS ATLANTIC -TRANS CANADA -TRANS PACIFIC LARGE LITHOGRAPHED OCEAN LINER PRINT.C 1920's. Print was used in either a travel agency or shipping offices. Print measures 35" in length X 23 1/2" in width. Mahogany frame measures 40 1/4" in length X 29" in width. It is artist signed by Norman Wilkinson.  Original frame has a few very tiny nicks in it.
Nice overall condition.
PRICE:$650.00              (KBOE)

Salada Tea Porcelain Palm Press

SALADA TEA PORCELAIN PALM PRESS. "LE THE SALADA EST DELICIEUX" translates to "THE TEA SALADA IS DELICIOUS". This palm press was made for the French Canadian market in Quebec Canada. Convex in middle. Measures 12" in length X 3 1/4" in width. Condition is rough. Edge damage and blue is faded.
PRICE:$225.00   (KAUE)

Sun Crest Tin Litho Thermometer

SUN CREST TIN LITHO THERMOMETER C. 1950'S. Measures 16 1/2" in length X 4" in width. Made in U.S.A. by Robertson. Missing glass tube. Wear and minor rust spots.
PRICE:$350.00  (KAEN)

Yardley Lavender Advertising Plaster Statue

YARDLEY LAVENDER PLASTER STORE ADVERTISING BACK BAR STATUE. Measures 11 3/4" in height X 7" in width X 4" in depth. Excellent condition with just a couple very minor chips. Made in France. 100% original paint.
PRICE:$125.00  (KUEX)

RC Cola Large Tin Advertising Thermometer

RC COLA LARGE TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Made in Canada by BARKER in 1963. Measures 27" in length X 8 1/4" in width. Great image of both RC logo and full bottle. Minor nicks and scratches. Tin litho sign is fairly scarce as we have not owned another one in a very long time. Displays well.
PRICE:$450.00  (KBH)

Diet Pepsi Tin Embossed Advertising Chalkboard

DIET PEPSI TIN EMBOSSED CHALKBOARD.Measures 27 1/4" in length X 19 1/4" in width. "DIET PEPSI" is embossed. Marked Printed in Canada-Barker-67. We never see much Diet Pepsi advertising. Chalkboard has minor creases on edges and light overall wear. "BUVEZ DIET PEPSI" Fairly scarce piece.
PRICE:$195.00  (KAUX)

DEVILBISS Systems Porcelain Advertising Sign

DEVILBISS SYSTEMS (CANADA) LIMITED BARRIE, ONTARIO PORCELAIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 11" in length X 5" in width. Sign has a beveled edge all way around. Tiny flake on bottom right hole and a larger one on the bottom left hole. Porcelain glossy bright.
PRICE:$375.00  (KUH)

Porcelain Curved Barber Pole 1950's

1950's WILLIAM MARVY PORCELAIN ENAMEL CURVED BARBER POLE. "LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER" . Measures 24" in length X 8 1/2" in width. Glossy, shiny pole is in near mint condition with just one small chip on bottom edge. These poles were designed to wrap around a turned porch pole or telephone pole.
PRICE:$750.00  (KREN)

Royal Insurance Company Porcelain Enamel Advertising Sign

ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED PORCELAIN ENAMEL SIGN. C 1930's. FIRE & LIFE. Measures 19 1/2" in length X 15" in width. Sign made by Gurney Canada a sign company that we don't see very often. A few small outside edge chips is the only real damage. Nice crown & shield graphics.
PRICE:350.00  (KUHX)

Davidson's Premier Leader Range Tip Tray

DAVIDSON'S PREMIER LEADER RANGE STOVE TIP OR  PIN TRAY. Mint unused condition. Measures 5 1/4" in diameter. Back of tray lists several different products made by The Thos. Davidson MFG. Co. of Montreal. Beautiful lithography.
PRICE:$295.00  (KUHX)

Railway Express Agency Porcelain Sign

RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY PORCELAIN SIGN. Measures 24" square. Has two small holes drilled in center of sign that we don't believe to be original. Porcelain has a couple of chips to top right of "X". Porcelain is shiny and bright.
PRICE:$375.00  (KEEX)

American Airlines Advertising Sign

AMERICAN AIRLINES ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 14" in diameter. Plastic & masonite with 4 small factory holes indicating that it possibly is off a rack of some sort. Airplane looks like a DC-3. Sign is somewhat faded so it may have been used outdoors. Neat piece. Has age cracking and minor chipping.
PRICE:$325.00  (KAUE)

Van Camp's Pork and Beans Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirror

VAN CAMP'S PORK AND BEANS CELLULOID POCKET ADVERTISING MIRROR. Circa 1910. Great image of Van Camp's Dutch kids with an over sized can of Pork & Beans. Measures 2 1/8" in diameter. Mirror is perfect. These pocket mirrors were given away back in the day to remind people about their products..great little advertising item.
PRICE:$150.00  (KEN)

Royal Ice Cream Tin Advertising Sign

ROYAL ICE CREAM TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 36" in length X 24" in width. Sign is in great condition with very minor scuffs or signs of wear. Circa 1950's.
PRICE:$275.00 (KAYN)

Mont Royal Assurance Porcelain Advertising Sign

AGENT MONT ROYAL ASSURANCE PORCELAIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1920. "FEU" is french for "FIRE" ... Measures 17 3/4" in length X 12" in width. Red, white and blue colored porcelain. Minor chips to porcelain top left and bottom right corners. Thick layered porcelain has some surface scratching. Sign made by W.WOODBURN & SON MONTREAL.
PRICE:$225.00  (KAUX)

Huntley & Palmers Biscuits Celluloid over Tin Sign

HUNTLEY & PALMERS BISCUITS CELLULOID OVER TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1940's. Sign has a cardboard backing that was originally an easel back sign but the cardboard easel is gone. Measures 19" in length X 14 1/2" in width. There is a tiny nail hole at top center that should not be there. Celluloid us in excellent condition with only one 1/2" long tear. Not serious. Great graphics and color.
PRICE:$395.00  (KAEN)

Jewel Stoves and Furnaces Match Holder Scratcher

JEWEL STOVES AND FURNACES TIN MATCH HOLDER/SCRATCHER. Measures 5 1/2" in length X 4 1/4" in width. Sold by Burrow,Stewart & Milne Co. Ltd. Hamilton, Canada. Bill hook was made by T.J. Parsons Toronto, a company I have never seen previously on tin litho advertising. Very minor nicks and wear. Recently acquired from an old collection of over 40 years.. Circa 1910 match hold pictures a lady cooking on her Jewel stove.
PRICE:$395.00 (KUEN)

Eye-Gene for Your Eyes Porcelain Palm Press

EYE-GENE FOR YOUR EYES PORCELAIN PALM PRESS WITH IMAGE OF EYE. White on beautiful cobalt blue. Measures 5" in length X 4" in width. Mint condition. Nice layered porcelain. Circa 1920's. Recently acquired from an old collection of over 40 years.
PRICE:$495.00 (KUHX)

Star Weekly Porcelain Push Plate

STAR WEEKLY ON SALE HERE PORCELAIN PUSH PLATE. Advertising push plate measures 10 3/4" in length X 2 7/8" in width. Circa 1940's. Chip on bottom right corner. White spot to right of first "E" in weekly is a factory flaw. Nice shiny and bright sign.
PRICE:$325.00 (KAON)

Trans Canada Airlines Image Over Niagara Falls

TRANS CANADA AIRLINES OVER NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO. Framed photograph of a D-C-3 flying over Niagara Falls. The DC-3 came out in the 1930's. Photo would have been used in a travel agency or possibly an airport. Framed image measures 43" in length X 32 1/2" in width. Image is 40" in length X 30" in width. Excellent condition with just minor bubbles in paper. Not serious. No glass in frame.
PRICE:$475.00 (KUHX)

Anacin Large Die Cut Sign

ANACIN LARGE DIE CUT HEAVY CARDBOARD SIGN. Measures 43" in length X 33" in width. Circa 1940's. "RX LIKE A DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION ..ANACIN PROMPTLY RELIEVES PAIN DUE TO SIMPLE HEADACHES AND MINOR NEURALGIA" Surface rubs and scratches and minor edge wear. Great image of doctor. Fold out on back.


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