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Huntley & Palmers Biscuit Tin

NAVY BISCUIT TIN FROM HUNTLEY & PALMERS READING & LONDON. This highly lithographed tin is embossed and was made in 1900. It has 5 different lithographed scenes depicting navy life. Measures 5 1/4" in length X 5 1/4" in width X 3 1/2" in height. There is wear and some scratches but this tin still displays nicely.
SOLD           (KAUX)

A Sur-Shot Bot & Worm Remover Advertising Tin

A SUR-SHOT BOT & WORM REMOVER ADVERTISING TIN. Great graphics of a native with a head dress and horse and pig.Measures 5 1/4" in height X 3 3/4" in width with a 2 1/2" depth. Circa 1940's. Manufactured by  Fairview Chemical Company Ltd. Regina Sask. Tin made by McDonald Manufacturing Co. Neat graphics. Great condition with only minor scratches or wear.
PRICE:$68.00     (KUN)

J.S. Fry & Sons Lithographed Figural Tin Bank

J.S FRY & SONS (CANADA) LTD. MONTREAL COCOA & CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURERS LITHOGRAPHED FIGURAL TIN. Circa 1900. Measures 4 1/4" in height X 4" in width X 3" in depth. Highly lithographed tin was sold with chocolate inside and meant to be  kept and used as a savings bank thereafter. Tin shows a finely detailed bank. Slot in top for coins. Keyhole on front. Lock mechanism and key missing. Bank in beautiful overall condition.
PRICE:$150.00     (KYNX)

Great West Tobacco Lunch Box Style Tin

GREAT WEST CUT PLUG SMOKING TOBACCO LUNCH BOX STYLE TOBACCO TIN. From The Empire Tobacco Co. Branch of Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada Limited Montreal & Granby. Measures 7 1/2" in length X 5" in width X 4 1/4" in height. Litho on this tin is in excellent condition. Very minor dents. Displays great.
PRICE:$149.00   (KRN)

Keen's Figural Mustard Tin 

KEEN'S MUSTARD TIN. Circa 1890's. Tin from Keen, Robinson & Co. Manufacturers of Keen's Mustard London. Figural tin measures 6 3/4" in length and width and 5 1/2" in height. There are five different lithographed scenes on this tin. One on top and  different ones on all four sides. The captions on each side are titled, The Shepherds Boy, The Old Man and His Son, The Ass and his Master,The Dog in the Manger and on top The Dog and the Shadow. Litho on this tin is as good as you'll ever get. Very, very minor wear or scratches. Inside has second lid (missing handle). Beautiful overall condition.
PRICE:$295.00  (KARN)

Ridgways WWI Tea Tin

RIDGWAYS  WWI TEA TIN. This is the finest example of this fabulous tin we have ever seen. It has super graphics and condition. EARL KITCHENER OF KHARTOUM the Secretary of State for War adorns the lid. Field Marshall Sir John French is on the front, a boy scout scene and a nurse scene are on sides. Admiral Sir John Jellicoe is on reverse. Tin was made by Hudson,Scott & Sons Ltd. Carlisle, England. Measures 5 1/4" in height X 5" in width X 3 1/8" in depth. Just a beautiful tin.
SOLD      (KEEX)

Lily of the Valley Talcum Powder Container

LILY OF THE VALLEY TALCUM POWDER. 1 Lb tin & cardboard container. Circa 1940's. Mint condition. Never opened. Measures 6" in height with a 3" diameter. From Rolls & Darlington Ltd. Toronto, ON. Tin top & bottom with card wrap around sides.
PRICE:$38.00  (KAE)

Violet Talcum Powder Container

VIOLET TALCUM POWDER. 1Lb. tin & cardboard container. Circa 1940's. Mint condition. Never opened. Measures 6" in height with a 3" diameter. From Rolls & Darlington Ltd. Toronto, ON. Tin top & bottom with card wrap around sides.
PRICE:$38.00    (KAE)

Thos. Davidson Mfg. Ltd.Montreal  Dry Goods Tin

LITHOGRAPHED DRY GOODS TIN. THOS. DAVIDSON MFG. LIMITED MONTREAL.  Tin is unmarked as to product or merchant but almost certainly held tea, coffee or some other dry goods. Measures 8 1/2" in height X 8" in width with a 7" depth. Beautiful litho images art nouveau lady's image,  birds, flowers, cranes and geometric designs. Colors are wonderful , pink, blue, red,green and more accentuated with gold litho everywhere. Super condition. Displays great.

PRICE:$225.00      (KAENX)

RIZ LA Tin Embossed Cigarette Paper Dispenser

RIZ LA TIN EMBOSSED CIGARETTE PAPER DISPENSER. This 4 compartment dispenser dates circa 1920. Fabulous graphics, color and condition. Image of a gentleman smoking with Riz La cigarette papers. Measures 7 1/2" in height X 6" in width with a 3 1/4" depth. Colors are amazing. Blues, oranges and reds pop out. Minor wear or rust. Displays great.

Large Tin Cake Box

LARGE TIN CAKE BOX CIRCA 1880'S. All tin to keep the baked goods safe from tiny critters. Measures 18" in length X 11 1/2" in height X 10 3/4" in width. Front is lithographed with an image if a little girl and a kitten in a basket. No manufacturers marks as to maker. Tin is in excellent condition with just minor nicks, scracthes on lithographed front. Small dent on top lid. Great kitchen decorative item.
PRICE:$249.00    (KAUE)

Renfrew Cream Separator Oil Tin

RENFREW CREAM SEPARATORS OIL TIN. Smaller size tin then we've previously seen. Tin itself not including spout/cap measures 4 3/4" in height X 3 5/8" in width X 2 1/2" in depth. From the Renfrew Machinery Co. Limited Renfrew Ontario. Gold litho is beautiful all around. Tin overall is in excellent condition.Nice image of cream separator.
PRICE:$225.00    (KAUX)

Keen's Mustard Figural Tin

KEEN'S  MUSTARD FIGURAL TIN. C. 1900. Originally sold with dry mustard. Tin is decorated on all four sides and top with lithographed images of butter flies, dragon flies and cherubs on all four corners. Two sides are titled spring and summer. Two sides are titled morning and night. Tin measures 7" square by 5 1/2" in height. Lithography is in excellent condition with very minor wear. Paper label inside lid is intact. From Keen Mustard & Co. Ltd. Manufacturers of Keen's Mustard London.
PRICE:$195.00        (KONX)

Horner Candies Santa Claus Tin

HORNER CANDIES SANTA CLAUS TIN.C. 1950's. Wonderful image of Santa with a bag full of toys. Measures 5 1/4" in length X 4" in width. Light surface scratches. Strong bright colors.
PRICE:$39.00        (KUN)

International Fly Spray Tin

INTERNATIONAL FLY SPRAY TIN FOR FLYS AWAY FROM CATTLE, HORSES,HOGS ETC. Manufactured by International Stock Food Co. Limited Toronto Canada. Tin is circa 1910. Measures 9 1/4" in height X 9" in width and depth. Large image of fly on 2 sides. Tin has tiny rust spots scattered over it and there is a hole in bottom. Only the first one of these we've owned or seen. Decent displayable condition.
PRICE:$350.00   (KAENX)

Clubb's Mixture Tobacco Tin

CLUBB'S MIXTURE HALF POUND TOBACCO TIN. From A. CLUBB & SONS ESTAB'D 1878 -TORONTO - MONTREAL. Tin made by Thos. Davidson Mfg. Co. Limited Montreal. Measures 6 1/2" in length X 4" in width X2 1/4" in height. Tin is shiny bright and in near mint condition.
PRICE:$195.00     (KEN)

CCM Cycle Enamel Paint Tin

CCM CYCLE ENAMEL BLACK 703 ONE IMPERIAL QUARTER PINT PAPER LABEL TIN WITH CONTENTS. Paper label is as good as you will find. Tin measures 2 1/4" in height  with a 2 3/4" diameter. Circa 1940's. From Canada Cycle & Motor Company Limited Weston Ont. Lid partially painted black indicating color paint inside.
PRICE:$125.00   (KAUX)

Moonlight Mellos Candy Advertising Tin

MOONLIGHT MELLOS CANDY TIN. Beautiful large size advertising candy tin. Circa 1930's. From the Patterson Candy Co. Limited Toronto Canada. Measures 10 1/2" in diameter X 5" in height.Neat fairy graphics. Condition is excellent with only wear around the top rim. Fabulous colors and condition.
PRICE:$150.00  (KYE)


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