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Tonka Toys Allied Van Lines Pressed Steel Truck

TONKA ALLIED VAN LINES PRESSED STEEL MOVING TRUCK. Circa 1950's. Marked No.1 Specialist Long Distance Moving. Measures 24" in length X 8 1/2" in height X 5 3/4" in width. Marked Tonka Toys U.S.A on tires. Plastic windshield is intact. Toy has some minor nicks and chips but paint  is in really nice condition over all. One door handle missing on back. Decals are in great condition. There are scratches on back where the trailer hooks on. A real nice example of this Allied Van Lines truck.
PRICE:$350.00          (KAEN)

Roy Cox Thimble Drome Racer

ROY COX THIMBLE DROME RACER IN ORIGINAL PARTIAL BOX. Box is in rough shape and has been reinforced inside. Car itself measures 9 1/2" in length X 5" in width X 5" in height. Signed on bottom  "ROY COX THIMBLE DROME CHAMPION....MADE IN SANTA ANA CALIF." Car is circa 1940's 0r 50's and in excellent condition with only a couple of tiny scratches.
PRICE:$375.00        (KEHX)

Miniature Pluck Cast Iron Cap Gun

MINIATURE PLUCK CAST IRON CAP GUN. Measures 3 1/2" in length. Made in U.S.A stamped on gun. Single cap shot. Working condition. Circa 1900. Casting is not cracked or broken.
PRICE:$75.00          (KBNX)

Superman Official Senior Swim Goggles

SUPERMAN OFFICIAL SENIOR SWIM GOGGLES WITH PARTIAL ORIGINAL BOX.C. 1950's. Goggles are rubber with plastic lens. They are in excellent condition. Box is missing one end flap and other end is detached. Great Superman item made by SUPER-SWIM INC. Philadelphia 6,PA. Box measures 7 1/4" in length X 3 1/8" in width X 1 1/2" thick. Neat original 1950's Superman item.
PRICE:$295.00       (KUUN)

Davy Crockett Nursery and Playroom Wall Plaques

DAVY CROCKETT NURSERY AND PLAYROOM WALL PLAQUES. This is set NO. 200 and referred to as "Davy Crockett on The Trail". It is complete and comes in it's original box. The box measures 17" in length X 12 1/2" in width X 3/4" in depth. Distributed Exclusively By The Sydney Company 112 West 34th Street New York 1 N.Y. Printed in U.S.A. circa 1950's-60's. The 3 plaques that come with the set are in mint condition. The original instruction sheet is missing.
PRICE:$95.00       (KUE)

Roy Rogers Set of 5 Color Photos

ROY ROGERS SET OF 5 COLOR PHOTOS.These came in their original mailing envelope from Dell Publishing Co. Inc. 261 Fifth Ave., New York 16. NY. I believe they were a premium of some sort in the early 1950's. Each photo measures 8 1/4" in length X 6 3/4" in width and 3 are signed "Copyright 1950 THE ROHR CO." Two are signed same way but dated 1949. Photos are in mint condition. Envelope is mint. Beautiful Roy Rogers item.
PRICE:$65.00      (KBE)

Roy Rogers Silk Handkerchief

ROY ROGERS SILK HANDKERCHIEF. Made in U.S.A. Circa 1950. Measures 20" in length X 19" in width. No holes or tears. Light brownish stains in areas. Images of Roy riding Trigger and signed " Many Happy Trails Roy Rogers and Trigger." Good quality handkerchief in very nice overall condition.
PRICE:$65.00       (KAN)

Planters Peanuts Plastic Bank

PLANTERS PEANUTS PLASTIC BANK. Made in U.S.A. Measures 8 1/4" in height. Slot in top of hat for coins. Top of hat twists off. MR. PEANUT printed on rim of hat. BANK printed on base. Circa 1950's bank is in excellent condition.
PRICE:$35.00      (KEX)

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Celluloid Dancing Toy

MICKEY MOUSE & MINNIE MOUSE SUPER RARE 1930'S CELLULOID DANCING COUPLE. Tin base with working wind up mechanism. Measures 3 1/2" in height. Celluloid is in excellent condition with one tiny dent in one of Mickey's ears on back. Stamped Disney and STS in triangle on Mickey's back. This is one very rare Mickey/Minnie toy. 100% untouched and original.

Toy Friction Action Airplane Clipper N2235

Circa 1950-60's CLIPPER N2235 FRICTION ACTION TIN TOY AIRPLANE. Tin litho toy has a 9 3/4" wingspan. It is 7 1/4" in length. Toy is made in Japan and has a makers mark that I am not familiar with (pictured). Friction mechanism is working fine. Has people in windows. Mechanism on bottom is mounted off to one side giving the toy a "turning effect" Clever idea. Has very minor play wear but no serious defects. Unusual toy, unusual airplane. Beautiful colors.

PRICE:$350.00 (KAIN)

Tin Toy Animal Bus 1952

TIN TOY ANIMAL BUS. License plate is dated 1952. Measures 4" in length. Multi-colored tin bus is beautifully decorated with animals everywhere. It is in near mint condition with  just a bit of paint loss over one of the rear wheel covers. Very minor.
PRICE:$65.00  (KAEX)

Wind Up Toy Car Opel Kapitan 555 Prameta

OPEL KAPITAN 555 PRAMETA WIND UP TOY CAR. Scarce green and cream variation. C 1950's. Has most of it's original box and has original key.Measures 5 1/2" in length. Has forward reverse and turn controls on bottom.Made in Germany. Near mint to mint condition. Nice car with original instructions included and key.
PRICE:$350.00  (KAUX)

Lehmann TUT-TUT Tin Wind-Up Toy

LEHMANN TUT-TUT TIN WIND-UP TOY. Manufactured in Germany by Lehmann toys. This toy was made from 1903-1935 and this is an earlier version. Measures 7" in length X 3 1/2" in width X 6" in height. Wind-up mechanism is complete but spring wire is disconnected from the drum that turns. It's an easy fix. Toy has light overall wear and looks 100% complete. Very nice example of this early German toy.
PRICE:$750.00  (KBUX)

Cast Iron Mechanical Artillery Bank

CAST IRON MECHANICAL ARTILLERY BANK. Union officer firing into Fort. Made by Shepard Hardware 1892. Measures 9" in length X 6" in height X 4" in width. Very nice original paint. Has "PAT. May 31 - 1982" date on bottom. Coin trap is missing, spring is missing and soldier's right leg has a clean break at knee level on back of leg only. No other cracks or breaks. Nice example. Reasonably priced.
PRICE:$495.00  (KUH)

1960 Corvette SMP Scale Model Car

1960 CORVETTE SMP SCALE MODEL CAR IN ORIGINAL BOX WITH CORRECT COLOR CODE. Authentic1/25th scale model. This is a very rare care in mint condition with original window box in excellent condition. Car is friction drive and works perfectly. Only flaw I can see is a slight warp separation on the back of the vehicle where the bumper has separated from the upper half of the car. This is very common problem with early promo models. Absolutely beautiful robin egg blue 100% original. Great 1960 Corvette item.
PRICE:$600.00  (KURN)

Racing Cyclist Friction Toy

RACING CYCLIST HARD PLASTIC FRICTION TOY. Circa 1960's. Made in Hong Kong. Comes in beautiful litho box. Toy measures 5 1/2" in length X 4" in height. Both toy and box are in excellent condition.
PRICE:$85.00 (KUEX)

Childrens Home Bank Babes in the Wood Tin Bank

CHILDREN'S HOME BANK "BABES IN THE WOOD". Tin book bank is circa 1940's. Lithograph is in excellent condition. Nice bank. Measures 5 3/4" in height X 4" in width X 1 1/4" in depth.

1950's Large Steiff Monkey

LARGE STEIFF MONKEY. Purchased from original recipient. Given to her when she was 3 years old. I didn't have the nerve to ask her how old she is now but I would say her late 50's or 60's. Monkey has glass eyes. Button in left ear. Fur is in excellent condition and is from a smoke free home. No odors. Has a functional squeaker in his chest. Felt pads on hands have wires poking out and you can see straw inside. Tiny bit of dirt on his nose. He's adorable. Circa 1950's. Swivel head, long arms, button but no tag.

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