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Usher's Green Stripe Old Highland Whiskey Porcelain Ashtray

USHER'S GREEN STRIPE OLD HIGHLAND WHISKEY PORCELAIN ASHTRAY. Made in Germany. Measures 3 1/2" high X 6" in length X 4" in width. Mint condition. No chips,cracks or damage of any kind. One piece.

PRICE:$95.00       (KUN)

Dawes Brewery Biere Black Horse Serving Tray

Dawes Brewery biere black horse ale & porter 1930's porcelain serving tray. Measures 12" in diameter. Great image of the Percheron horse along with a quart size bottle of Black Horse Ale. No chips. Very light surface scratches. Displays great.

PRICE:$275.00       (KAOE)

Labatt's C. 1930's Tin Litho Beer Tray

LABATT'S LONDON CANADA C. 1930'S TIN LITHO BEER TRAY. Measures 12 1/2" in diameter. This is a very hard tray to find. Labatt's established 1832 London, Canada, made in England printed on border. There are some nicks and scratches and minor paint loss. Tray still displays very well. Good colors.

PRICE:$500.00     (KBHX)

John Labatt Brewer London Canada Ale & Stout  Large Size Lithograph Sign

JOHN LABATT BREWER LONDON CANADA ALE & STOUT LARGE SIZE LITHOGRAPHED SIGN. This is the RARE large version of this fabulous sign. We've only owned two and only seen three or so in over 45 years in the business. This sign is 1890's. Print is signed "ENTERED ACCORDING TO ACT OF PARLIMENT OF CANADA IN THE YEAR 1894 BY JOHN LABATT IN THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE". Poster lists their achievements of 10 gold, silver and bronze medals & 11 diplomas awarded at the Worlds Exhibitions.  Poster was made by BARKLAY,CLARKE & CO. LITHO. TORONTO. Framed size is 42" in height X 30" in width. Original frame. Image size is 36" in height X 24" in width. The print is in excellent condition with just a bit of foxing on the border. Great piece of Canadian Breweriana.

PRICE:$3500.00      (KUEH)

Dawes Brewery Rookwood Granite Black Horse Beer Tray

DAWES BREWERY "ROOKWOOD GRANITE" BLACK HORSE ALE & PORTER PORCELAIN ENAMEL BEER TRAY. Circa 1930's. Measures 13" in diameter. This tray is very hard to find in this condition. It has one 1/3" small chip to the left of the bottle. The colors are strong and bright, no fade. Beautiful example.


Molson Brewery Solid Plaster Tavern Sign

MOLSON'S BREWERY 1930'S SOLID PLASTER POINT OF SALE TAVERN SIGN. Measures 26 1/2" in length X 20 1/2" in width X 3" in depth. Original hanging chain. Wonderful scene of a tavern keeper serving a full tray of beer mugs to three men at a tavern table. One a courier-du-bois, an explorer and a habitant. A moose head is mounted on wall and a pair of snowshoes lean against the wall. Minor paint loss mostly on outside edges. This is all original and is not one of the foam ones re-issued in the 1980's.


Pearl XXX Lager Beer Premium Beer Tin Over Cardboard Advertising Sign

PEARL XXX LAGER "BEST OF TEXAS" PREMIUM BEER TIN OVER CARDBOARD ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1950's. Lettering is de-bossed into the sign. Pearl Brewing Company San Antonio Texas. Sign was made by The Donaldson Art Sign Co. Cov.Ky Made in U.S.A. Fabulous colors and condition with tiny amount of wear. Measures 13" in length X 9" in width. This is an easel back sign that would sit on counter. Excellent overall condition.

PRICE:$195.00     (KEEX)

Tecate Neon Beer Sign

TECATE BOTTLE SHAPED NEON BEER SIGN. Red Neon. Plastic bottle and frame. Tecate is known as the national beer of Mexico. Measures 29" in height X 10" in width with a 6" depth. Working perfectly.

PRICE:$275.00 (KAEN)

Coors Light Bottle Cap Light Up Beer Sign

COORS LIGHT MOLDED PLASTIC BOTTLE CAP LIGHT UP BEER SIGN. Measures14" round with a 4" depth. Excellent working condition.

PRICE:$149.00 (KEE)

Glass Canadian Beer Ashtrays

GLASS CANADIAN BEER ASHTRAYS. Circa 1930's-40's. Canada Bud has small chip on underside edge PRICE:$35.00..Dominion White Label mint condition Price:$12.00..British American British special ale has tiny flea bites on bottom edge Price:$12.00..British American Cincinnati cream (bottom right) mint condition Price:$12.00


 Glass Canadian Beer Ashtrays

GLASS CANADIAN BEER ASHTRAYS. Circa 1930's-40's Pat's Ale mint condition Price:$12.00..Dominion Moosehead excellent condition sold..Formosa Old stock ale mint condition Price:$12.00..Ranger mint condition Price:$12.00

Glass Canadian Beer Ashtrays

GLASS CANADIAN BEER ASHTRAYS CIRCA 1930'S-40'S. Cosgraves Price:$12.00..O'Keefe's Price:$12.00..Hansome waiter Price:$12.00

O'Keefe's has a flea bite on bottom rim.

Molson's Ale Beer Tray

MOLSON'S ALE EARLY CIRCA 1920'S CROWN AND ANCHOR PORCELAIN BEER TRAY. Measures 13" in diameter with a 1" deep lip. Colors are slightly faded and tray has light overall wear.

sold       (KCE)

Dawes Black Horse Beer Tray

DAWES BLACK HORSE ALE & PORTER PORCELAIN ENAMEL BEER TRAY. Picture of a quart bottle of Dawes Breweries Black Horse Ale along with their fabulous Percheron horse. Measures 12" in diameter. Colors are very decent. Some bottle burns in lower portion of tray. One tiny nick on green border on outside of tray. Very,very minor. Tray still displays great.

sold      (KAUX)

Brewers Warehousing Company Beer Truck Sign

DELIVERING FOR BREWERS WAREHOUSING COMPANY LIMITED C. 1960'S BEER TRUCK SIGN. This sign is made of masonite and is in near mint condition. Measures 22" in length X 18" in width. The Brewers Warehousing Company Ltd. established in 1927 following prohibition and was created to protect local breweries and owned by every brewer in the province. It later became Brewers Retail/The Beer Store. Scarce brewery collectors item.

PRICE:$225.00         (KAUX)

Old Kentucky Tavern Whiskey Plaster Back Bar Statue

OLD KENTUCKY TAVERN WHISKEY PLASTER BACK BAR STATUE. Circa 1930's. "OLD KENTUCKY TAVERN STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 100 PROOF BOTTLED IN BOND,GLENMORE DISTILLERIES CO. LOUISVILLE . KY WHERE PERFECTION OF PRODUCT IS TRADITION" This guy has an uncanny resemblance to Colonel Saunders founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. Statue measures 17" in height X 9" in width X 7" in depth. It is in excellent overall condition with just a couple tiny nicks in plaster. Gold paint is original.

PRICE:$325.00   (KAUN)

Bartholomay Beer and Ale Glass

BARTHOLOMAY BEER and ALE ROCHESTER N.Y BEER GLASSES. Has winged wheel logo. Glasses are only 4" tall with a 2 3/8" diameter. All lettering and logo have a raised pebbly feel to them. It is not acid etched. We have 2 of these..I am thinking circa 1900.. Very unusual.

PRICE: 1 is mint at $75.00

               2nd one is excellent with tiny flea bites on top rim at $50.00

               OR Both at $100.00 (KEX-EA)

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