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5683 BANK ST, HWY 31.




Marx 1954 Coca Cola Truck

1954 MARX COCA COLA TRUCK. Measures 12 1/2' IN LENGTH. Decals are in excellent condition as is the decal "DRINK COCA COLA" decal on the back. Wear on hood and top of cab. Missing plastic cases that go on back. Overall in real decent condition.

PRICE:$350.00   (KUH)

Coca Cola 1950's Miniature Glass Bottles With Tin Bottle Caps and Plastic Case

COCA COLA 1950'S MINIATURE COCA COLA GLASS BOTTLES WITH TIN BOTTLE CAPS AND PLASTIC CASE. Case measures 6" in length X4" in width and 1 1/4" in height. Bottles are 2 1/2" in height. 22 of the 24 bottles have tin caps and are original to the case. Bottom of the case is marked "BETTER IDEAS BLAKO INVENTIONS (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 8012 Johannesburg S. Africa" Neat Coca-Cola item.

PRICE:$295.00    (KAEN)


1957 Coca-Cola Bubble Thermometer

DRINK COCA-COLA SIGN OF GOOD TASTE 1957 BUBBLE THERMOMETER. Measures 12" in diameter. Glass face. Made in U.S.A. Temperature seems frozen at 62 degrees so I'd say it is not working. 100% original and in excellent overall condition.

sold     (KAEN)

1963 Coca-Cola Fishtail and Bottle Sign

1963 ICE COLD COCA-COLA FISHTAIL & BOTTLE SIGN. "ENJOY THAT REFRESHING NEW FEELING". Measures 28" in length X 20" in width. Face of the sign is near mint with very minor scratches & wear. The outside rolled edge has picked up some dents and paint loss but you really don't see them when looking at the sign. Displays extremely well.

sold    (KCEN)

Umbrella Girl Coca Cola Tray 1957

1957 UMBRELLA GIRL COCA COLA TRAY. Measures 13" in length X 10 1/2" in width. The Umbrella Girl is strictly a Canadian issue tray for the Canadian market. This is the French Canadian version. "Delicieux  Rafraichissant" translates to Delicious and Refreshing. Tray is in beautiful condition. Tough to find in this great condition.

sold   (KAUE)

Coca Cola Bottle Sign

COCA-COLA BOTTLE SIGN. Measures 53" in height X 17 1/4" in width. Rolled yellow border. "Buvez Coca-Cola". Sign originally said "Drink Coca-Cola but was changed after manufacture to be used in the French Canadian market in Quebec, Canada. Sign is stamped "Made in Canada 1950 St.T". Has a few extra nail holes on outside yellow border. There is green paint on lower part of sign. Minor scuff marks. Strong colors. Displays great.

PRICE:$1200.00    (KATX)

Oval Coca Cola Painted Steel Advertising Sign

COCA COLA OVAL PAINTED STEEL SIGN. Measures 35" in length X 24" in width. Buvez Coca Cola Glace ( Drink Coca Cola Iced ) Made in Canada By St. Thomas Metal Sign 1960. Strong bright colors with very minor nicks and scratches. Beautiful sign.

sold     (KEHX)

Coca Cola Company Of Canada Limited Envelope 1932

COCA COLA COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED ENVELOPE. Postmarked 1932, Toronto. Measures 6 3/4" in length X 3 3/4" in width. Excellent condition.


1930's Coca-Cola Ice Cooler

1930'S ICE COLD COCA-COLA SOLD HERE FLOOR MODEL ICE COOLER. This is an original 1930's cooler. It has been totally restored and repainted with the exception of the two litho bottles. They are in original condition. Cooler has angle iron legs, and two lift top doors that give access to drinks inside. This is not a professional restoration but is still a decent job. 

PRICE:$895.00      (KBEN)

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