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Measures 13" in length X 10 1/2" in width. Tray made by The H.D. Beach Co. Coshocton, O. Tray has bright colors and displays very well.There is minor paint loss on her left elbow/ forearm area. There is very minor dent on bottom coconut. Petretti's Coca Cola price guide volume 12 values this tray in C-8 at $3200.00.
PRICE:$1800.00   (KIH)

Coca-Cola Tin Embossed Kik-Plate

COCA-COLA TIN EMBOSSED DOOR KIK-PLATE. BUVEZ COCA-COLA. Dated 1968 and marked "Coca-Cola Ltee Fabrique au Canada WMS 68 001"Sign is in mint unused condition with original brown wax paper. 50 year old sign is guaranteed old and original.
PRICE:$325.00    (KUHX)

Coca Cola Tin Advertising Sign

LARGE BUVEZ COCA-COLA TIN SIGN.  Made in Canada by St. Thomas Metal Signs 1961. Sign is in excellent condition with minor nicks and scratches. Measures 59" in length X 35 1/2" in width. Beautiful sign with the green lines at bottom. Large button and large bottle are embossed. Displays great.
PRICE:$550.00   (KBHX)

Coca-Cola Tin Advertising Thermometer 1956

ORIGINAL 1956 COCA COLA TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER.Marked "Made in U.S.A. R-6-56". Measures 17" in height X 5 1/4" in width. Thermometer is shiny, bright and in near mint condition. Great example.
PRICE:$250.00  (KAUE)

Coca-Cola Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror 1911

COCA-COLA  ADVERTISING 1911 CELLULOID POCKET MIRROR. Guaranteed old and original not one of the re-pros out there. Beautiful image of an elegant lady with large brimmed hat. "Drink Delicious Coca-Cola" Measures 2 3/4" in length X 1 3/4" in width. Celluloid is in excellent condition. Marked on edge " DUPLICATE MIRRORS POSTAGE COCA-COLA COMPANY, ATLANTA, GA." as well as by the manufacturer " The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark, NJ." Mirror has minor silver loss.
PRICE:$295.00  (KAUX)

Coca Cola Round Tin Sprite Boy Advertising Sign

COCA COLA TIN SPRITE BOY ROUND ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 15" in diameter. Circa 1947. Sign features Sprite Boy. 6oz Coca Cola bottle and Coke button. Sign shows minor signs of wear but displays very well. Minor touch up on one scratch on bottle neck. Great colors and overall great condition.
PRICE:$1200.00  (KCHX)

Coca Cola Ice Cold Snowman Advertising Sign

1936 COCA COLA  SNOWMAN WITH COKE BOTTLES CARDBOARD ADVERTISING SIGN. Marked "ICE COLD" Lithographed in Canada. Measures 30" in length X 14" in width. Mint condition and professionally framed. Ready to hang. Strong bright colors like the day it was made.  Framed size measures 32" in length X 20" in width.
PRICE:$995.00  (KCHX)

Coca Cola Lamp Fishtail Logo

COCA-COLA EARLY 1960'S FISHTAIL LOGO CONICAL SHAPED LAMP. Plastic lamp on metal base. The lamp is a very impressive 31" in height with a 13" diameter base. The top is open (by design to let the heat of the bulbs  out) with a diameter of 5 1/2". ENJOY COKE on one side with DRINK COCA-COLA on the other. There are 4 light bulbs inside. The plastic is in perfect condition. There are 3 metal feet on bottom. There is a rubber tip on one, the other 2 are missing. Minor and hardly worth mentioning and certainly easy to replace. I have spoken to a couple of long time dealers one of whose specialty was Coca-Cola memorabilia and he told me that in his 40 years he doesn't remember ever seeing another one. In my 34 years as a full time dealer and having attended Coca-Cola conventions, many major U.S and Canadian shows have never seen another one. I can not find this lamp in any of my Coca-Cola guides. It looks fabulous lit up and would certainly be a center piece of any collection. Very rare.

1905 Coca Cola Coupon

ORIGINAL 1905 COCA COLA COUPON.Measures 9 1/2" in length X 6 3/4" in width. This coupon was found in the back of a framed photo that came out of a storage locker auction recently. The fellow who found it noticed a tear in the corner of the photo and noticed there was something behind it. He took the piece apart and voila...The ad is near perfect. It even has the border with the staple holes from the magazine. Who ever framed it way back when took the time to take the magazine apart. This ad is 100% complete and in near perfect condition. There are some very, very minor creases, hardly worth mentioning. The colors were protected by the photo covering it so it is crispy bright. It would be hard to find a more complete one or one in better shape. Guaranteed old and original.

Coca Cola Cardboard String Hanger Sign 1936

COCA COLA 1936 CARDBOARD STRING HANGER SIGN. "DRINK COCA-COLA ice cold" The Coca-Cola Company of Canada Limited. Lithographed 1936. Measures 30" in length X 14" in width. Has snowman holding two bottles of Coca Cola. Top left corner missing a small piece. Creases on outside edges and light overall wear. Listed in Petretties current guide at $650.00. Still displays very nicely.

1946 Coca Cola Advertising Sign

CANADIAN 1946 COCA COLA CARDBOARD ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 27" in length X 16" in width. printed in Canada. et Coke aussi translates to "And Coke Also" ..These signs were made for the French Canadian market in Quebec, Canada. Tiny nail hole at top center of sign. Displays very well.



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