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Gilbert & Barker Clock Face Gas Pump

GILBERT & BARKER 1930'S CLOCK FACE GAS PUMP. Model 105. This pump is an old restoration that has been done in Husky colors and has a reproduction globe and porcelain pump plate sign. It stands 92" in height including globe X 26 " in width and 24" in depth. Base, cap & ring globe sits on cast iron. Lights up in front. Very nice overall condition, but has picked up a few nicks in the paint since being restored.

Sold       (KUEH)

Chrysler Plymouth Fargo Porcelain Sign

CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH FARGO APPROVED SERVICE PORCELAIN DIE CUT DOUBLE SIDED ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1940's. This is a Canadian sign from a period when Fargo trucks were manufactured by Chrysler Corporation in Canada. One side has strong bright colors with only a couple of tiny chips on the face and a few on outside edge. Reverse side is ever so slightly faded with rust spots and tiny chips similar to side one. This sign come out of a 40 year old collection. SOLD


Imperial 3 Star Gasoline Tin Advertising Sign

IMPERIAL 3 STAR GASOLINE TIN SIGN. Circa 1930's. "FABRIQUEE DANS QUEBEC." Early sign measures 6' in length X 24" in width. Sign would of originally had a wooden frame that is now gone . It is mounted on a 1/4" piece of plywood. One rust spot between the "3" and the word "Star". Other than that minor rust spots on outside edges of sign. Colors are bright and would be even stronger with a wax job but I will leave that up to the new owner. Great early Imperial sign.

Superline Dealer Gasoline Station Advertising Sign

SUPERLINE DEALER GASOLINE STATION DEALERSHIP ADVERTISING SIGN. Large sign measures 8' in length X 55" in width. Superline was a company based in Nova Scotia Canada. This sign still has it's original oval ring on it for hanging. It has some small scattered chipping on it but nothing serious. Fairly scarce sign to find.


Peugeot Dealership Advertising Sign

PEUGEOT AUTOMOBILE LARGE 2 SIDED LIGHT-UP DEALERSHIP ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 57" in height X 57" in width. X 11" in depth. Molded plastic is perfect on 1 side. The second side has small breaks in plastic on top right corner and bottom right corner with only tiny pieces missing. Sign will still display very well. Makers plate on it shows that it was made by the TEK PLASTICS LIMITED TORONTO. I believe it to be 1960's - 70's. Metal framing that holds it together is in perfect condition. Needs new fluorescent bulbs.


Mobiloil Painted Steel Oil Rack

MOBILOIL CIRCA 1920'S 8 BOTTLE PAINTED STEEL OIL RACK. From St. Thomas Metal Signs, St. Thomas ONT. Measures 22" in height X 19" in length X 10" in width. Painted steel racks are very hard to find in good condition. Authorized Quart Service Gargoyle Mobil Oil. Colors are strong and bright. All 4 sides have various degrees of wear but overall this rack is in very good condition.


Esso Porcelain Advertising Sign

IMPERIAL ESSO PRODUCTS LARGE OVAL PORCELAIN SINGLE SIDED SIGN. Measures 89" in length X 59" in width. One small hole in center of sign and chips mostly in outside blue border. Signed P&M Orillia 54.


Supertest Porcelain Oil Rack Sign

SUPERTEST ALL WEATHER 10W30 SUPER DUTY 1950'S PORCELAIN 2 SIDED OIL RACK SIGN. Porcelain sign measures 12" in length X 10" in width. Has chip in center of sign and around outside edges. Still shiny on one side. Sign is very slightly warped. Displays well and would look great back on a rack. Fairly priced for condition.


Dunlop Tires Porcelain Advertising Sign

DUNLOP TIRES PORCELAIN SIGN. Circa 1930's. A couple of small chips mostly on outside edges. One larger chip to the left of "L" in DUNLOP again on outside edge. Porcelain is shiny and bright for the most part but does have a tiny bit of cloudiness in the porcelain. Not serious and does not detract from sign. One tiny tiny nail hole to the right of "D" barely noticeable. Measures 6' in length X 16" in width.


Irving Oil Company Advertising Sign

IRVING OIL COMPANY FRAMED PLASTIC SIGN. Circa 1950's-60's. Measures 23" in length X 18 1/4" in width. Face of sign is plastic with aluminum frame and wood back. Shows minor wear. Has 4 bolts on back for mounting on service station building.


Shell Service Station Sign

SHELL SERVICE STATION LARGE 2 SIDED SIGN. Actually 2 signs back to back with original 3" spacer between them. Measures 5' in height X 5' in width. Colors are strong and bright with chips on both sides. Displays very well and would lokk great up on a pole. One side slightly better condition than the other. Circa 1940's. Guaranteed old and original. Steel arms that hang from the pole have been cut down.


Texaco Gas Pump

FIRE CHIEF GASOLINE GAS PUMP. 1955 GILBARCO restored gas pump. Measures 6' with globe. Fully restored and ready to display in your gas& oil collection, man cave, restaurant, garage etc.


Porcelain Advertising Sign Mobiloil

MOBILOIL SOCONY-VACUUM PORCELAIN ENAMEL SIGN. Measures 22 1/4" in length X 11 1/2" in width. I believe this is one end of an oil bottle rack. One chip to left of Pegasus and chips on holes. Face of sign is shiny bright. We sold this sign back in the 1980's and have been buying back out of this long time collection recently.


Red Indian McColl Frontenac Playing Cards

McCOLL-FRONTENAC BRIDGE SET IN ORIGINAL BOX. Double deck. First deck has never been opened and is still sealed with 10 cent Canada tax stamp. Second set has partial cellophane wrapper and tax stamp. Second set is complete and there is a 1935 date on one of the cards. 100% original and mint.


Texaco Motor Oil Tin

TEXACO MOTOR OIL "G" GRADE 1/2 U.S GAL. MOTOR OIL TIN. Circa 1930's. Measures 8" in length X 6 1/2" in height X 3 1/8" in width. Black "T" logo. Wear primarily on one end. Three of the four sides display very nicely. Beautiful early can.


Shell Gasoline Poster

SHELL GASOLINE LARGE 1950'S POSTER. Measures 32" in length X 32" in width. Poster is in mint unused condition. This is from an auction at a general store/gas station in Vars Ontario. We have shrink wrapped it but it could be mailed in a tube. Guaranteed old and original.


Penn Joy Canadian Oil Bottle

PENN JOY CANADIAN ONE IMPERIAL QUART OIL BOTTLE. Orange silk screen is slightly worn on bottom edge of one side. Measures 15 1/2" in height with a 3" diameter. Perfect condition.


B/A Service Station Sign

B/A SERVICE STATION LARGE SIZE 2 SIDED POLE SIGN. Measures 6' in diameter...Very small chips on both sides. Has original aluminum ring around outside. Colors are strong and bright. Circa 1940's. Guaranteed old and original


Delco Batteries Tin Advertising Sign

DELCO BATTERIES WOOD FRAMED TIN SIGN. Dated 1954. Mint un-used condition. Measures 70" in length X 18 1/2" in width. Made in U.S.A by DONASCO 5-54. Sign has never been hung and is in mint condition. Beautiful bright colors with graphics of car battery.


Red Indian Gasoline Pump

RED INDIAN GASOLINE RESTORED GAS PUMP. Circa 1930's. Measures 7'2" in height with globe. Fully restored and ready for display in your gas & oil collection, man cave, restaurant or garage etc.


Dunlop Tires Tin Sign

DUNLOP TIRES TIN DIE CUT SIGN. Measures 26 3/4" in length X 19 1/2" in width. These two sided signs are tire inserts from a tire retailer or garage. Sign is virtually mint but does have one bent corner. Sign made by S.T.M.S 63.


Perfect Circle Piston Rings Piston Expanders Tin Embossed Sign

PERFECT CIRCLE PISTON RINGS PISTON EXPANDERS TIN EMBOSSED SIGN.. "Look Out Oil Hog! I've Got X-90 Piston Rings Now". Tin embossed sign is artist signed. Circa 1930's. Sign measures 25 1/2" in length X 19" in width. Wonderful graphics of an early automobile running into a large animated pig holding a bottle of motor oil. Rust spots and wear but still very acceptable.


Castrol Wakefield Motor Oil Porcelain Rack Sign

CASTROL WAKEFIELD MOTOR OIL PORCELAIN RACK SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 16 1/2" in length X 12" in width. This sign is marked by manufacturer G.S.W (General Steel Wares) Screen Process Pat'd. Both sides are shiny bright. One side is near mint with the exception of two teeny tiny outside edge chips. The reverse side has a chip above the "L" of CASTROL and an edge chip on bottom left . Beautiful sign.


Morris Service & Sales Dealership Sign

MORRIS SERVICE & SALES DEALERSHIP SIGN. Two sided round sign measures 47" in diameter. Painted steel. Circa 1940's. Sign was made in Canada by St. Thomas Metal Signs and is marked S.T.M.S 4363-B. Better of the two sides has a bit of paint loss primarily around outside edges. Reverse side has a couple of paint flakes in center of sign and some on outside edges. Colors are good on both sides.


Fina Lubrication Porcelain Advertising Sign

FINA LUBRICATION PORCELAIN ENAMEL SIGN. Measures 70" in length X 27" in width. Circa 1940's.Marked P&M Orillia.

( Porcelain & Metal Products) Sign is shiny bright with no fade at all. There are 3 tiny chips the size of the head of a pencil and a couple of tiny pinhead nicks. Absolutely beautiful colors.SOLD

Supertest Super Premium Gasoline Pump Plate

SUPERTEST SUPER PREMIUM DIE CUT PORCELAIN GASOLINE PUMP PLATE. Circa 1940's. Measures 18 1/2" in width X 10" in height. tiny chips at mounting holes. Porcelain is shiny and bright.


Eco Air Meter

ECO AIR METER. Made by John Wood Company Limited Bennet Pump Division, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver. Has been cleaned and painted orange. No hose included. Lights up. Excellent restoration job. Measures 17" in height X 10" in width.


Ford Genuine Parts Steel Sign

FORD GENUINE PARTS STEEL MARQUIS FOR PARTS CABINET. "FORD GENUINE PARTS,MADE RIGHT,FIT RIGHT,LAST LONGER". This is the top sign that goes on a parts cabinet. There is a flanged edge with holes for mounting to cabinet. Measures 36" in length X 10" in width. Minor nicks and scratches. Very nice overall condition.


Pair 1911 License Plates

PAIR 1911 LICENSE PLATES. Blue and white porcelain on steel. Measures 12" in length X 6 1/2" in width. Numbered "7027". PLEASE NOTE: This is not the same pair of 1911 plates that we recently sold. That pair went to a collector who was putting them on a 1911 car in his collection. This pair is in better condition then the first pair that we sold several months ago. One plate has chips around the mounting holes at top and tiny outsdie edge chips. None on the face. The second plate has tiny chips around the mounting holes and none on the face. Beautiful pair. Excellent condition..shiny bright porcelain. 100% original.


Thayers Gasoline Porcelain Sign

RARE THAYERS STANDARD GASOLINE LARGE OVAL PORCELAIN SIGN.Thayers was a small oil company I believe to be from London, Ontario area. This is a two sided sign but the second side advertises SCARFE'S Varnishes,paints,enamels and wax. The back is black and orange but the black is sun faded. When wet the black pops out again, so a good wax would do wonders for it. Marked St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. on bottom edge. Porcelain sign measures 6' in length X 35" in width. Don't believe we've seen many signs that have different advertising on opposite sides. Circa 1930's. There are several tiny chips scattered on surface of sign.


McColl-Frontenac Porcelain Rest Room Sign

McCOLL-FRONTENAC DEALER SERVICE REGISTERED REST ROOM PORCELAIN 2 SIDED SIGN. Circa 1930's die-cut sign. Measures 37" in length X 30" in width. McColl-Frontenac was of course Red Indian Motor Oils. Colors are strong and bright. There are fairly minor chips on both sides.


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