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Canadian Pacific Porcelain Die-cut Advertising Sign

CANADIAN PACIFIC SPANS THE WORLD PORCELAIN DIE-CUT ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1940's. Made by P&M ORILLIA. Measures 191/2" in length X 12 3/4" in width. Sign has 4 factory holes, 3 of which have touch ups in the red. The beaver on top has 2 touchups. There are a few tiny chips that have not been touched. No fade. Colors are strong and bright and displays very well. . Canadian Pacific used the slogan "SPANS THE WORLD" from 1946-1949.

Oliver Plows Wood Advertising Sign

OLIVER CHILLED PLOWS WOOD SIGN. Circa 1900. Sign was recently found in a barn in New Brunswick. Measures 95" in length X 12 1/2" in width. It has a gritty sand finish that is original. This very rare sign is in wonderful all original condition. It is missing the right side end piece. ( 12 1/2" long) that can easily be replaced. Fabulous and rare...

Sold       (KAYHX)

Pepsi Cola Bottle Cap Advertising Sign

KING COLE TEA AND COFFEE PORCELAIN DIE-CUT PUSH PLATE. Circa 1930's. Measures 8" in length X 3" in width. Hard to find and extremely desirable. Chip at bottom grommet hole. Wonderful muli-colored image of King Cole enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Strong colors.

Sold     (KAUHX)

Fry's Cocoa Tin Embossed Push Plate

FRY'S COCOA TIN EMBOSSED PUSH PLATE. Circa 1930's. Measures 11 3/4" in length X 3 3/8" in width. J.S Fry & Sons Ltd. Fry's Pure Breakfast Cocoa Manufactured by Fry-Cadbury Ltd. Montreal.Pour Qualite Bon Gout Valeur Nutritive. Loosely translates to "For quality good taste and nutricious value". Sign is in mint unused condition. Guaranteed old and original.Great colors and great condition.

Sold (KUHX)

The Wapiti Insurance Company Advertising Sign

AGENCY OF THE WAPITI INSURANCE COMPANY TIN EMBOSSED SIGN. An All Canada Company. Circa 1950's. Measures 17 1/4" in length X 11 1/4" in width. Great image of an elk embossed on this sign made by St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. St.Thomas ONT. Sign has 3 small nail holes down left hand side and a couple of other small scratches. Wonderful colors and overall great condition.

Sold           (KAUE)

Eye-Gene Porcelain Palm Press

EYE-GENE FOR YOUR EYES PORCELAIN PALM PRESS WITH IMAGE OF EYE. White on beautiful cobalt blue. Measures 5" in length X 4" in width. Mint condition. Nice layered porcelain. Circa 1920's. Recently acquired from an old collection of over 40 years.


Diamond Dyes Cabinet The Baby

DIAMOND DYES CABINET "THE BABY" CIRCA 1890'S. This is one of the earliest cabinets distributed by The Wells & Richardson Co. of Burlington, VT.U.S.A. and Montreal, Canada. Cabinet measures 20" in height X 16 1/2" in width with a 8 1/2" depth. These colorful point of sale cabinets sat on the counters of general stores. Back doors opened for merchant to dispense different colors of dyes used in that time to dye fabric.. The baby is a hard to find cabinet in this condition and I've only owned one better in almost 40 years. There is a rub/ scratch on the babies right shoulder and two more lesser ones on the colored feathers that you can only see if you hold cabinet on an angle. Colors are strong and bright. This is a very thick paint and paint is finely crackled. There is a tiny chip in the paint near top center edge. very minor. If you collect country store advertising you will be hard pressed to find a better example. SOLD

Thos Davidson Mfg. Tin Litho Bill Hook 1905

1905 THE THOS DAVIDSON MFG. CO. LIMITED MONTREAL CANADA TIN LITHO WALL HANGING BILL HOOK. Outside woodgrain border is embossed. Fabulous color image of an Aboriginal man. Tin portion measures 6" in length X 4 1/4" in width. There is a minor dent on top left hand corner and tiny rust spots scattered on face of sign. This bill hook was made by Thos. Davidson promote their own line of products listed on the back to include enamel ware, tin ware,pieced,pressed,japanned and lithographed sheet iron goods. Black & galvinized. Has original hook but one of the tabs that holds hook is missing. Displays very nicely.


Parker Pens Advertising Clock

PARKER DUOFOLD PENS ADVERTISING CLOCK CIRCA 1920'S. Marked "CORRECT TIME TO BUY A PARKER DUOFOLD". This clock was recently purchased from a store on King Street in Sherbrooke Quebec where it hung behind the counter since the 1920's. The second hand is tin and is die cut in the shape of a Parker Duofold pen. The nib of the pen shaped hand says "PARKER DUOFOLD PEN". The clip of the pen says "PARKER" and the body of the pen says "GEO.S.PARKER DUOFOLD PATENTED MADE IN U.S.A.. The clock was made by Lakeside Manufacturing Co. Chicago. ILL. U.AS.A. The clock is 100% original and in working condition. The outside is a cream color and appears to be original. Fabulous advertising clock. Check out the website videos to see clock in working condition..SOLD

UP-TOWN Tin Advertising Sign

DRINK UP-TOWN CLEAR SPARKLING LEMON LARGE TIN SIGN WITH ORIGINAL WOOD FRAME BACKING. Measures 80" in length X 40" in width. Made in U.S.A. A-M sign company Lynchburg, VA 6-58. Colors are strong and bright with a few scattered areas of light rust mostly on left side. UP-TOWN letters and large red oval are embossed. Displays great. SOLD

Five Roses Flour Advertising Sign

RARE FIVE ROSES FLOUR TIN DIE-CUT ADVERTISING SIGN. Wonderful images of a Native Chief wearing a headdress, wheat sheaf and flour bags. Octagonal shaped sign measures 13 1/2" in width and length. Sign has a raised embossed yellow border all around. Sign is circa 1910. FIVE ROSES FLOUR for BREAD and PASTRY. Lake of the Woods Milling Company Limited, Montreal & Winnipeg. Great graphics and great colors. There are minor scratches scattered here and there but overall sign displays real nice.


Pepsi Cola Tin Palm Press

PEPSI-COLA TIN PALM PRESS. "Prenez UN PEPSI" translates to Take A PEPSI. Made for the French Canadian market of Quebec Canada. Measures 13 1/2" in length X 3 1/2" in width. Dated 1954. red slightly faded. Paint rough around the outside edges. Nice piece of Pepsi advertising.


Stubby Plastic Bottle Cap Advertising Thermometer

STUBBY PLASTIC BOTTLE CAP ADVERTISING THERMOMETER.Circa 1960's. Thermometer is hard plastic. Measures 11 1/4" in diameter. There are 3 cracks in the plastic on the outside edges. It is only in Fahrenheit not Celsius so that helps date this to pre 1970. Pictures the very desirable image of the Stubby boy. Displays great.


Squirt Tin Embossed Soda Pop Advertising Sign

SQUIRT TIN EMBOSSED SODA POP ADVERTISING SIGN. Made in U.S.A by Robertson. Circa 1957. Tin embossed bottle, logo and boy. Fabulous colors and condition. Marked "Copyright 1959 The Squirt Company Printed in U.S.A Cat. No.M-19-A. Measures 271/2" square. Beautiful sign in excellent condition. Guaranteed original.


Pepsi-Cola Advertising Thermometer

PEPSI-COLA ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. "Tome Pepsi-Cola" translates to "Take Pepsi-Cola". Measures 12" in length X 6 3/4" in width. Slightly faded and light wear. Piece is made in U.S.A.


Five Roses Flour Palm Press

FIVE ROSES FLOUR PORCELAIN ADVERTISING PALM PRESS. Circa 1950's. Measures 11 1/2" in length X 4" in width. Face of sign is very clean, shiny and bright. There is some chipping primarily on left hand side red border. (see photos).


Nu-Grape Tin Advertising Thermometer

NU-GRAPE TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1950's. Pictures bottle & grapes. Measures 16" in length X 5 3/4" in width. Excellent condition with very minor signs of wear.


Orange Crush Tin Advertising Thermometer

ORANGE CRUSH TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1960. RARE BROWN VERSION. Measures 28 1/2" in length X 7" in width. Marked "MADE IN U.S.A. NO. 1155 ORANGE CRUSH IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF CRUSH INTERNATIONAL INC EVANSON ILL." Light scratches. Tube is intact and working.


Over-Hauls Advertising Sign

LEATHER LABEL OVER-HAULS TIN EMBOSSED SIGN IN ORIGINAL WOOD FRAME. Circa 1930's. Measures 37 1/2" in length X 14" in width. Minor rust spots and overall wear.


Black Horse Paper Under Glass Montreal Maroons

BLACK HORSE ALE & PORTER 1934-1935 PAPER UNDER GLASS ADVERTISING SIGN. These signs were found in taverns of the day combining their Black Horse Brewery with 1934-1935 Stanley Cup Champion Montreal Maroons. The players are identified and some of the notable players on this team include Toe Blake, Lionel Conacher, Cy Wentworth among others. The Maroons were considered the English team compared to the Montreal Canadians team which was considered the French Canadian Team. Paper print is 100% original. It has a silver background representing the ice surface of a hockey rink. It is heavily creased but is not cut or trimmed nor torn. Sign also pictures the Stanley Cup they won that year and of course the trade mark Percheron Black Horse used in most of their advertising. Frame is not original.


KIK Cola Tin Palm Press

KIK COLA TIN PALM PRESS. Circa 1940's. Measures 14" in length X 4" in width. Sign is in great condition with just a couple of tiny dings. Not serious at all.


Purity Flour Porcelain Palm Press

PURITY FLOUR PORCELAIN PALM PRESS. Circa 1930's. Measures 14" in length X 4" in width. "Ask for PURITY FLOUR Best for All your Baking" Tiny fracture in porcelain at top in white porcelain border. Larger chip on bottom around the grommet. Face of the sign is shiny and bright. Displays great.


Orange Crush Tin Advertising Sign

ORANGE CRUSH CIRCA 1930'S HEAVILY EMBOSSED TIN SIGN. Measures 19" in length X 13" in width. "Buvez Un Crush de l'oranger a vos levre" Sign made in G. De Andreis S.A Marseille. Excellent graphics with crushy. bottle and oranges. Light wear and minor nicks, scratches and bends.


Pepsi Tin Embossed Advertising Sign

PEPSI 1973 TIN EMBOSSED ADVERTISING SIGN WITH BOTTLE. Measures 47" in length X 17 1/4" in width. Sign made in Canada by Barker 1973. Bottle, Pepsi logo at bottom and outside border are all embossed. Sign looks mint but on close examination there are a couple of very light surface scratches. Already 42 years old!!!


Orange Kist Advertising Sign

ORANGE KIST DIE CUT EASEL BACK COUNTER TOP ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 11 1/2" in length X 10" in width.Reads "drink ice-cold Orange KIST and other KIST flavors..Just Kisses Thirst Good-Bye"..15 different bottle caps of flavors surround center. Circa 1930's. Minor wear. Beautiful little die cut Orange Kist advertising item.


Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirror

WOOLNO CORSETS CELLULOID ADVERTISING POCKET MIRROR. Style..Durability..Comfort.. Circa 1910. Nice image of la​dy wearing one the companies corsets. From Woolnough Corsetiers 396 Yonge St. Toronto. Mirror is perfect. Measures 2 3/4" in length X 1 3/4" in width. Advertising mirror made by Thom. Libby Toronto. A tiny bit of foxing on bottom right hand corner.


Camel Cigarettes Tin Advertising Sign

CAMEL CIGARETTES TIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1950's. Great graphics .CAMEL.. SO MILD.. So Good.. CIGARETTES SOLD HERE. Some wear on the sign, particularly on bottom left hand corner. There are 5 extra nail holes that are for the most part on outside edges. Sign still displays well. Camel Cigarettes advertising is in high demand.


Battreall Shoe Company Wood Advertising Sign

AGENCY BATTREALL SHOE CO'S SHOES LARGE WOOD SAND SIGN. Measures 8' in length X 19" in width. Sand signs are signs that have a paint texture that has a gritty feel to them when you run your hand over the paint. TREE BRAND SHOES and BATTREALL SHOE CO. DISTRICT 76 SHOES FOR EVERYBODY logo's on ends. Sign made by CROSS P&S CO. CH'GO. This is the same company that made baseball bats for major league baseball. Sign is in overall excellent condition. Small light color piece of trim looks replaced on right hand border. Easy to color. Slight paint loss in spots. Great sign.


Five Roses Flour Porcelain Push Plate 

FIVE ROSES FLOUR PORCELAIN PUSH PLATE. Circa 1940's. Measures 11 1/2" in length X 4" in width. There are 3 chips in the dark red outside border that do not detract from the sign at all. Beautiful gloss and shine.


Porcelain Advertising Sign Cranes

NORTHERN HI-LIFT CRANES-HOISTS SMALL PORCELAIN SIGN. Measures 7 1/4" in length X 4 1/2" in width. Nice thick layered porcelain. Circa 1930's. Chip on "H" of HI-LIFT and a few tiny edge chips. Nice shiny porcelain.


Tin Advertising Sign Fertilizers

NATIONAL FERTILIZERS TIN EMBOSSED ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 20" in length X 13 1/2" in width. "We sell National fertilizers manufactured by Wm. Stone Sons Ltd. Ingersol Ont. Sign made by St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. St. Thomas Ont. Fertilizer bag and National Fertilizers text are embossed. Great graphics of a beaver. Condition is excellent with no fade and strong bright colors. Very Minor wrinkles in the tin.


Painted Steel Advertising Sign Farm

BOVINS CANADIENS PAINTED STEEL 2 SIDED ADVERTISING SIGN. C.E. GRENIER farm. Measures 23" in length X 20" in width. Sign made by St. Thomas Steel Products Co. Ltd. Great full head image. Sign is in great condition with strong colors.


Grand Trunk Railway Sign

GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY SYSTEMS STEEL BRIDGE OVER NIAGARA RIVER LITHOGRAPH PRINT IN HEAVILY STAMPED GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY SYSTEM OAK FRAME. Circa 1900. Print has minor water stains but still displays very well. Measures 34 1/4" in length X 28 1/4" in width. Real nice Grant Trunk Railway piece.


Canadian National Railways Sign

CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS MOUNTS SAMSON AND LEAH JASPER NATIONAL PARK - CANADIAN ROCKIES PHOTO IN MARKED ORIGINAL FRAME. Measures 31 1/2" in length X 21 1/2" in width. Print is in excellent condition with no apparent flaws. Original brass plaque on wood frame. Circa 1930's.


Tin Advertising Sign Bulldog Overalls

BULL DOG OVERALLS TIN EMBOSSED ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 36" in length X 11 1/2" in width. Nice image of bull dog standing on a pair of overalls. "SOLD ALL OVER, OVER ALL.. THE BETTER MADE OVERALLS..LONG BACK SEAM..HIGH FITTING APRON..CANADA OVERALL CO. MAKERS LONDON, ONTARIO" a few extra nail holes, a couple of minor rust spots and a tiny bit of paint on the edges. Overall very decent condition.


Tin Advertising Sign Cigar

SMOKE 44 THAT GOOD CIGAR TIN EMBOSSED ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 191/2" in length X 13 1/2" in width. Unmarked as to manufacturer but we guarantee 100% that it is an old and authentic sign. Small bit of paint loss on top left corner where sign was bent at one time. Small surface scratches and nicks but nothing serious. Strong bright colors with no fading.


Porcelain Advertising Sign Milk

GUARANTEED PURE MILK COMPANY LIMITED DIE CUT PORCELAIN SIGN.Measures 19" in length X 14" in width. Three (3) color porcelain. These signs are from a milk company from Montreal, Quebec and were used on the sides of their delivery trucks.Circa 1930's. A tiny chip in the porcelain at bottom center mounting hole and a very light surface scratch under the word "milk". Beautiful shiny and bright porcelain.


Porcelain Insurance Sign

THE LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED PORCELAIN ADVERTISING SIGN. Circa 1920. Measures 19" in length X 15" in width. Red, black & white porcelain. Minor chips on outside edges with a bit of touch up at the left side center mounting hole. Thick layered porcelain. Sign made by THE W.F. VILAS CO. LIMITED COWANSVILLE, P.Q.


Porcelain Palm Press Orange Crush

ORANGE CRUSH 1930'S PORCELAIN PALM PRESS. Measures 9 1/4" in length X 3 1/2" in width. Has "orange peel effect" orange in center. "Entrez Buvez Orange Crush Glace" translates to "Enter Drink Orange Crush Iced". Chips at top right hand side and a tiny one under the "C" in GLACE at bottom. Porcelain remains shiny and bright.


King Cole Porcelain Palm Press

KING COLE TEA AND COFFEE PORCELAIN PALM PRESS CIRCA 1930'S. Measures 8" in length X 3" in width. Nickel size chip on left hand side and a small hole drilled in the "N" of King. Die-cut push plate is considered hard to get. Colors are strong and vibrant including red cheeks and red jewels in the King's crown that seem to be the first to fade on these pieces. Fabulous graphics, displays very well.


Early Wood Advertising Sign

1880'S WOOD SAND SIGN OFFICE W. SCHOOLEY ACCOUNTANT CONVEYANCER INSURANCE. Tombstone shape measures 25 1/2" in height X 15 1/2" in width. Found in Montreal Quebec. Gold colored lettering on black pine board with frame. Sand signs have a texture that feels like sand in the paint. A nice early form of advertising. Possibly used indoors as it is in fabulous condition. 100% original and in excellent condition.


Sun Crest Tin Advertising Thermometer

SUN CREST ORANGE TIN EMBOSSED AND DIE-CUT ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1930's. Made in U.s.A. by Robertson. Sign is virtually mint condition with just a few tiny, tiny paint spots. Shiny and bright . Measures 16 1/2" in height X 4" in width. Great colors and condition.


Rexall Drugs Porcelain & Neon Advertising Sign

REXALL DRUGS 1930'S DOUBLE SIDED LARGE PORCELAIN AND NEON SIGN. This sign was found in Toronto Ontario and was supposedly off of a pharmacy on Young St. The sign measures 8'2" in height X 3' in width. The body has a depth of 10" and the neon tubing protrudes 2" out from the face on each side. The tubing is broken everywhere except the word "REXALL" on one side and it lights up white. The porcelain faces of the sign are in excellent condition. There are white, blue, orange and brown colored porcelain. The can housing the transformers is in very very good condition. I have taken lots of pictures so hopefully you get a good idea of its condition. Shipping is not possible..pick up only. These signs have pretty much all disappeared long ago. This one was found in a storage locker. Original makers plate reads "MACEY NEON" a sign company established in Canada in 1885.


Orange Crush Ice Cooler

ORANGE CRUSH ICE COOLER 1930's. All 4 signs on this cooler are in great original condition. No touch ups. Frame has been repainted brown to Orange Crush specifications of the period. The frame is slightly bent on the steel angle iron legs. Great Orange Crush item. Measures 31" in length X 22" in width X 33 1/4" in height. Inside has also been repainted. Original decal on front remains "BOTTLE COOLER MODEL A S&S PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMA OHIO ..ASK FOR CATALOGUE FOR OTHER MODELS" . Beautiful cooler..


Red Cross Tobacco Tin Advertising Sign

SMALL MAGIC BAKING POWDER PORCELAIN ENAMEL PALM PRESS. CONTAINS NO ALUM. Circa 1930's. Measures 7 1/2" in length X 3 1/4" in width. Mint condition with no chips or flaws.


Toronto Evening Telegram Porcelain Sign

TORONTO EVENING TELEGRAM FOR SALE HERE SMALL PORCELAIN SIGN. 1930's. Has a pronounced beveled edge all around sign. Red, white & black colors. Measures 11 3/4" in length X 4 1/4" in width. Has 3 tiny flea bite chips on beveled edge. Light surface scratches on face of sign. Great little porcelain sign.


Rare Wrigley's Gum Counter Top Display

RARE 1930'S WRIGLEY'S GUM TIN LITHO COUNTER TOP DISPLAY RACK. Held 4 boxes of Wrigley's gum. Measures 18 3/4" in height X 13" in width X 6 1/4" in depth. Comes with 4 cardboard display boxes that are dated on bottom between 1927 and 1935 as well as 2 unopened packs of original Wrigley's gum in box that is dated 1927. Tin display has staining above the "E Y of Wrigley's. Minor chips on end of tin embossed mans face. Overall the rack is in great condition with no other issues. Display stand Made in Canada by Fischer Motor Co. Limited Orillia, Canada. Great Wrigley's gum display.


Tuckett's AR-NA Army Navy Cigarettes Sign

TUCKETT'S AR-NA ARMY NAVY CIGARETTES CARDBOARD STRING HANGER SIGN. Package reads "Tuckett's AR-NA Army & Navy Cigarettes Selected Virginia Tobacco The Geo. E. Tuckett & Son Co. Ltd. Hamilton Ont. Canada" Sign is a string hanger and was not originally framed. It is now in a nice oak period frame. Print measures 15 1/2" in length X 12 1/2" in width and is guaranteed original,not cut or trimmed. Great image of Navy warship firing on enemy. Recently acquired from an old collection of over 40 years.


1946 Old Chum Tobacco Calendar

1946 OLD CHUM TOBACCO CALENDAR. Mint never used and has complete 1946 date pad. Measures 30" in length X 14 1/2" in width. Printed in Canada. The scene is "THE FOX HUNT" Beautiful artwork with strong vibrant colors. Calendar has been shrink wrapped for protection.


Northern Crane Porcelain Sign

NORTHERN CRANE LARGE BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN ENAMEL SIGN. Made by the Enameled Steel Sign Co. 222 N. State St. Chicago. Measures 27" in length X 12" in width. Thick enameling. Probably right off a crane. Porcelain chips primarily around the mounting holes. General surface wear.


Peg Top Cigar Porcelain Push Plate

LE BON VIEUX PEG TOP PORCELAIN PUSH PLATE. Circa 1930's. From Montreal Quebec Canada. French Canadian plate is absolutely mint condition. Measures 12 1/2" in length X 4" in width. Plate face is convex. No chips..porcelain is shiny and bright. From an old collection of over 40years.


R.G. Dun Quality Cigars Advertising Thermometer

R.G. DUN QUALITY CIGARS TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1960's. Measures 16" in length X 5 3/4" in width. Thermometer is in mint condition. Has image of pack of 5 R.G. Dun Admiral cigars.


Pepsi Cola Tin Push Plate

PEPSI COLA TIN PUSH PLATE. 1954 push plate "Prenez UN PEPSI" (Take A Pepsi) measures 13 1/2" in length X 3 1/2" in width. Push plate is dated 1954. Red is faded on this push plate.


Elegant Floor Polish Porcelain Push Plate

ELEGANT FLOOR POLISH PORCELAIN PUSH PLATE. Measures 14" in length X 4" in width. Bilingual plate from Beaver Products Co. Ltd. Montreal. St. Janvier Made in Canada. No-Rubbing Shines as it Dries.. Made in Canada. Outside edge chips, tiny flake in red porcelain just under the bottle and a pin head chip on bottle that is hard to see but there. Shiny bright porcelain. From a long time collection of 40-50 years.


EX-LAX Porcelain Palm Press

CIRCA 1930'S PULL EX-LAX PORCELAIN PALM PRESS. Measures 8" in length X 4" in width. One tiny chip above "N" in NOW and two small edge chips on bottom outside edge. Shiny bright porcelain.


Vicks Porcelain Palm Press

VICKS PORCELAIN PALM PRESS. COME IN VICKS FOR COLDS. Measures 7 7/8" in length X 3 7/8" in width. Circa 1940's. Chips at both bottom and top grommet holes and a few on outside edges. Colors are strong but plate could use a good wax.


Moir's Chocolates Porcelain Palm Press

RARE CIRCA 1930'S MOIR'S CHOCOLATES PORCELAIN PALM PRESS FINEST QUALITY MADE IN CANADA . Measures 6 1/2" in length X 3 7/8" in width. One small edge chip directly under the bottom grommet. Two tiny tiny edge chips in white border. Very light, non significant scratches on face that would wax out. Plate is convex. Thick layered porcelain. Shiny bright porcelain.


Salada Tea Die Cut Red Porcelain Sign

SALADA TEA RED PORCELAIN DIE CUT SIGN. Circa 1930's. Measures 12 1/2" in length X 5 1/4" in width. Tiny chip on top right grommet as well as top left outside edge and bottom just left of center. Shiny bright porcelain.


Beech-Nut Tin Litho Counter Top Display 1930's

BEECH-NUT 1930'S TIN LITHO COUNTER TOP DISPLAY. Used for mints, fruit drops and candy drops. Measures 13 3/4" in height X 17" in length X 9 3/4" in width. Display is in excellent overall condition. Only place there is any rust is in bottom two shelves which is covered when product is in place. Beautiful fruit graphics. tin litho display is beautiful.


Little Giant Porcelain Sign for Cranes

LITTLE GIANT porcelain sign. This sign was used on cranes circa 1940's. Measures 10 1/2" in diameter. Tiny nicks on outsdie edges in black. No chips on face. No touch-ups or repairs of any kind. Nice layering. Glossy shine. Guaranteed old and original.


Confederation Life Association Porcelain Insurance Sign

CONFEDERATION LIFE ASSOCIATION 1930'S PORCELAIN ENAMEL INSURANCE SIGN. Measures 20" in length X 11" in width. Beautiful cobalt blue. Sign is shiny bright and in near mint to mint condition. No chips, scratches, flaws or repairs. Beautiful sign.


Wishing Well Advertising Thermometer

WISHING WELL ORANGE TIN ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1940's. Measures 19" in length X 6 1/4" in width. Tiny specks white paint that may come off with patience. Overall in excellent condition. Nice size.


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